The LORD’s Prescription


It began early on a Wednesday morning before prayer.

As had become routine, I was rummaging through leftovers from Tuesday’s food bank and evaluating such choices as croissants, cookies, cake and a myriad of other delicious but destructive choices.

Suddenly I heard a voice say, “You need to cut out the carbohydrates.”

In my spirit I acknowledged what was being said, not quite sure where it would lead.

Yet after numerous attempts to get back to my traditional weight prior to 2012, I had grown frustrated and was almost to the point of surrendering to my extra heft, calling it hopeless.

I tried some of the diet plans that were out there with a measure of success.  Yet it didn’t take long to realize that all these companies were doing was pre-packaging the same garbage I was already eating in smaller quantities.

So as soon as I came away from their portion control system all the ground I had gained would be lost again.

The real problem is that such things are temporary solutions.  Without a significant change in my decisions I was doomed to repeat the same pattern.

So when I received this prescription from the LORD there was an immediate inward “Yes!” in response.

It took about a week for me get an idea of exactly what methodology I would put into play.

Then I began.  The first few days were difficult.  As is the case with many Americans, I was addicted to sugar.  My body craved it.

So naturally my body rebelled.  My mind was foggy and scattered.  My energy levels dropped to the point where I was struggling to accomplish my daily tasks.

It was tempting at first to turn back… but I knew I had heard the voice of the LORD on this matter.

My only hope, my only prayer of escaping this prison was His Prescription.

Day four came and as I got out of bed I knew something was different.  My energy level had spiked and I felt amazing.

So I began a whole new leg of my journey where I began to see the benefit of pounds shed and an overall feeling of healthiness.

Most importantly my hope was restored.  Where I had begun to surrender to obesity like so many Americans do, He had another plan for me.

I didn’t realize it at the time but His prescription for me wasn’t a temporary measure to shed pounds.  It was prescription for a complete change in my eating habits and food choices.

By the end of October, the LORD’s prescription had taken me from 230 pounds to 185 (104 to 84Kg.), which at the time was my target weight.

Having reached my goal, I knew I needed to make another choice.  I could return to my old ways, but in my ear there was always that reminder saying, “If you always do, what you always did, you will always get, what you always got.”

This was not a prescription for a diet.  It was a prescription for CHANGE.

After deciding to make another adjustment down in my weight, I arrived and have remained at about 175 pounds (79Kg.).

As I write the words of my testimony I continue to see more and more spiritual truths in this experience.

Consider this.  On your last trip to the grocery store, how many of the items you placed in your cart contained more than 50 grams of carbohydrates per serving?

Processed foods are the mainstay of many American diets.  Yet these foods are “designed.”  Every flavor is chemically controlled.

The illusion is “delicious” in the mouth and yet it is a lie.  Our bodies are being deprived of real nutrients.

In fact, most are in such a hypoglycemic state that their bodies have forgotten how to metabolize fat (God’s fuel) and have turned to what can only be described as poisonous processed foods.

This is the same food that my brothers and sisters are consuming.  It is the same food that is killing Americans with obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease just to name a few.

All of this leads one place, into the healthcare system.  By the time many Americans are in their 50s they are on numerous medications.  They are coping with conditions such as high blood pressure, joint pain, low energy and mental fogginess just to name a few.

From here there is only a progression further into man’s appointed healer (Pharmakia).

Our premiums fuel the insurance companies and the insurance companies fuel the hospitals and the practitioners of traditional medicine.  The system is rigged for failure and as a result millions of Americans are bound by it even now.

God’s prescription was a completely departure.

The foods I began focusing on were meats (of course!), cheeses, eggs and green leafy vegetables.

My consumption of carbohydrates went from the hundreds of grams daily to below 22.

Now I tend to stay under 50.  I know I am being redundant in saying this, but it was not a weight loss plan.

It was a life prescription for my body.  I am free and it is only because the wisdom and guidance of the LORD.

Just as with any healing, God deserves ALL the glory and so I give it to Him.

He set me free in an area of my life that I was otherwise doomed to fail in.

His prescription was spot on for my problem, so when I began to hear the LORD prescribe something new I was all ears.

However, this story will have to be continued…  Look for the second installment of this prescription and the season the LORD has prescribed for me…  and perhaps for you as well.

To the topic of this note, if you struggle with the kinds of symptoms I have shared, know that there is hope.

Perhaps what God prescribed for me He is prescribing for you.  Perhaps this is the day where this simple testimony will act as a catalyst in your life.

The LORD wants His children healthy and fit, not just so that our quality of life will improve, but so that we will be fit for the Kingdom work which has been bestowed to each of us.

Take this prescription to your prayer closet and there you will find the answers.

Your Brother,

See also Part 2:  The Next Prescription ~ Are you ready?


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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The LORD’s Prescription — 5 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord! I stopped drinking sodas and coffee two years ago. Stopped eating beef and pork about a year ago. Next things are breads and fried food. Getting older and we have to take of our temples as the Lord instructs us. Amen!

    • The paths may be different as the LORD leads but the goal is the same.  The LORD needa ready, fit warriors!

  2. For a good while I kept getting Pinterest feeds on ketogenic diet plans & recipes, even though I had never heard of it nor looked up what it was. Then about a month ago, out of the blue, my husband suggested we both try it & explained what it was.  I really believe God was prompting me all along & used my husband to wake me up to it!  So 3 weeks ago today on 8/7/18 I began this ketogenic diet change & I love it!  The weight is slowly coming off & I feel so much better.  I have been able to find ways to still make sweet treats using natural sugar substitutes, but instead of a big piece, I’m satisfied with just a bite — only possible by God!  I too was a sugar addict & before starting on this journey I prayed for God to help me b/c I knew I could not quit carbs in my own strength.  He has not let me down!  I was even able to completely resist a piece of my granddaughter’s 1st birthday cake 10 days after starting the diet!  Not even a lick .  Thanks & Glory to God for saving me from myself!