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The LORD’s Prescription — 5 Comments

  1. For a good while I kept getting Pinterest feeds on ketogenic diet plans & recipes, even though I had never heard of it nor looked up what it was. Then about a month ago, out of the blue, my husband suggested we both try it & explained what it was.  I really believe God was prompting me all along & used my husband to wake me up to it!  So 3 weeks ago today on 8/7/18 I began this ketogenic diet change & I love it!  The weight is slowly coming off & I feel so much better.  I have been able to find ways to still make sweet treats using natural sugar substitutes, but instead of a big piece, I’m satisfied with just a bite — only possible by God!  I too was a sugar addict & before starting on this journey I prayed for God to help me b/c I knew I could not quit carbs in my own strength.  He has not let me down!  I was even able to completely resist a piece of my granddaughter’s 1st birthday cake 10 days after starting the diet!  Not even a lick .  Thanks & Glory to God for saving me from myself!

  2. Praise the Lord! I stopped drinking sodas and coffee two years ago. Stopped eating beef and pork about a year ago. Next things are breads and fried food. Getting older and we have to take of our temples as the Lord instructs us. Amen!

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