The Next Prescription ~ Are you ready?


In June of last year, I received a prescription from the LORD concerning my body.

Following that prescription has changed my life.  Yet for all the benefits of this prescription the one I received recently has a far greater ability to impact our overall health.

If you haven’t read the first article on this topic I encourage you to go back and read it first as it will help you to follow what I am sharing today.

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In June of last year I was living on junk food.  It was a pattern that I had slipped into over time.

While my belly may have been filled with food, I was malnourished and never satisfied within.

Again, The LORD has repeated His prescription, “Cut out the carbohydrates.”

Speaking in the metaphorical sense, carbohydrates may taste good but they do not nourish.

They are a lie in the mouth and a sickness in our spiritual bodies.  In the same way I was consuming large quantities of this junk food up until June of last year, I have continued to take unto myself fluff that leads me down the road of carnality and spiritual starvation.

The more I have consumed the sicker I have become.

Plainly stated, the entertainment of this world is spiritual junk food.  At its very best it distracts.

At its worst it leads us onto the road of carnality.

A person who has a pattern of eating two bites of steak and then single handedly consuming a carton of ice cream is not going to thrive.

Their mouth may be satisfied with the tastes, but their bellies (spirits) grow weak and sickly.

So like I had to do in June of last year, I’ve made the decision to cut out all the carbohydrates.

After a period of time, as my spiritual body learns to live on and process wholesome spiritual foods, then I will be able to consume carbohydrates in much smaller quantities and only the natural ones, NO PROCESSED FOODS.

The prescription given to my body has been prescribed yet again to my inner man.

Living on the meat of God’s Word, His presence and His power satisfies both the mouth and the stomach.

Unlike carbohydrates which burn away quickly, the meat sustains.  It nourishes for the long haul so that so that I can run the race set before me.

Yet the LORD made it clear that I am not alone.  I am not the only one who has compromised values for the sake of a good story.

I am not the only one who has brushed off a few “GD’s” deciding that it was “mostly good.”

If I pour fresh water into salt water I may reduce its salinity, but no amount of it will satisfy.

The more I drink the more I thirst and eventually, if I continue to consume this brackish water I will die of dehydration.  Is it becoming clear yet?

So here is The LORD’s Prescription….

It was given to me.  It has also been given to many of you, as at this point it will bear witness in your spirit.

Don’t write it off!

While doctors commonly prescribe that which will not heal, the Great Physician knows the exact prescription you need to bring health and vitality to your inner man, but will you follow it?

1.   For the month of September, cut out all forms of digital entertainment.

(I will be ministering to those on Facebook and HKP who decide to join me on this journey – but don’t send me a Word with Friends request, because I won’t be there!  Instead I will focusing on sharing words with my best friend!)

2.   Make a covenant with your eyes and your ears, not to watch or listen to that which dishonors God and defiles us.  No compromises, no mixture!

3.   Fill in all the gaps that are left behind with God’s Word, prayer and fellowship with Him.

Our mouths will enjoy the taste and texture of His meat and our bodies will be sustained as we hide it in our hearts.

4.   When we are ready for carbohydrates in moderation we should consume that which God has grown but not that which man has made.

Both Cheese Nips and salad contain carbohydrates, but only one of them nourishes the body.  Understand and discern the difference.

5.   This prescription is NOT A DIET that you will apply for a period of time to gain the immediate effects only to return to your old choices over time.

For sustained results there must be sustained diligence in the process.  What He is prescribing is a change in lifestyle.

I imagine that for many who are reading this there is an internal battle.

We have been eating junk food so long that we can’t imagine our lives without it.

Yet we recognize that there is a hole within us that is never filled and yet the enemy whispers in our ears that the word of God is boring and lifeless.

A good action movie would be a better choice.

Only you can decide.


I wanted to add this as a comment rather than part of the note.

Recently I have experienced this righteous anger rising up within me.

I compared the current “TV-14” material approved by the world for our developing youth with “Little House On The Prairie.”

The TV-14 show was peppered with foul language, sexual innuendos, etc.

Little House On the Prairie also referenced God numerous times.  Each was with reverence and intent.

Even the underlying value system has changed.  Then the one who applied the Golden Rule was to be admired.

Now the guy who screws everyone over to get ahead, can be the big hero.  It’s all in how the writers choose to paint them.

No wonder there is so much confusion between bad and good, right and wrong.

The lines have become so blurred and distorted that it becomes difficult to tell. I for one have had enough.

This righteous anger which has arisen within me can no longer be silenced.

Some may pull out the “legalist” card but that’s really between you and God.

I’ve been given a prescription and I will follow it.  The Great Physician was spot on with His last prescription and I am experiencing the benefits.

I am overcome with excitement at the health and wellness this prescription will bring!


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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