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The Mighty Snow Ball Effect — 8 Comments

  1. What a wonderful, encouraging vision! The thought came that the snowball represents the people of God in which “Repentance” does its work: “If my people who are called by my name “HUMBLE” themselves…. (Let the FULL repentance get them clean,” (2 Chronicles: 7: 14) THEN God’s kingdom shall be established on the earth. Snow represents the washing away of sins. (Isaiah 1: 18)
    Bless and bless you precious sister, for being faithful to give the body of Christ true, living words.

  2. Amen !!!!  In my dream last night it was close to Thanksgiving time & we were in a cabin in the woods.  A word was brought about China & Russia & we packed up to leave .  As we were pulling away in the car snow ❄️ started falling I knew this was good & I smiled.  Things are about to happen, But God will happen also.  God bless you & your nation & God bless the USA & SC in the name of Yeshua

  3. Storm Agnes passed through Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Western and Northern areas of Britain yesterday, 27th September.  I looked up the name Agnes, apparently it means ‘pure’ and ‘holy’.

  4. I just love everything the Lord’s been leading you to share Veronika!! What a Mighty and Awesome God He is!!
    God bless you fellow snowflake!! :D

  5. Perfectly articulated, thank you. Blessings to you dear sister. Praying for God’s harvest to come forth while his arm of judgment takes down the wicked like the Tower of Babel.

  6. Only a pure creator could have made such beauty as pure white snowflakes each unique and differentfrom the next one.
    Thank you Lord for designing and making each of us your body different from each other,and together we are one in christ.

    Only God.

  7. Yes LORD ! Let me be the uniquely designed person You created me to be , walking in unity and humility and purity that YOU will receive all glory and honor that You are ever worthy of

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