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The Misuse of the Calling of a Prophet — 2 Comments

  1. AMEN AMEN!! U have spoken a true word!!! True prophets called by God usually don’t want the call because it come at a price!!! They struggle and resist at times with the with task appointed!!  They don’t have diarrhea of the mouth!! They only speak what the Spirit or Lord tells or shows them!! And their words not only tear down the works of enemy, it brings exposure, order, correction and restoration to those in danger of God’s correction ,wrath and anger!!!  True prophets wait on God and operate in flesh but in the Holy Spirit!!! That’s why many will be deceived because of false prophets; they won’t be able to discern because all those prophet lying!! Lord Help!!! Wake Up !!! Pastor need you know and discern; to bring correction and discipline; don’t allow Jezebel to set up false prophets on FB, Twitter, Instagram and especially in the Church!!! Correct Correct that which U know is FALSE!! Thank your for speaking this out.

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