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  1. Dear wanderer… this is a lovely article. Yes, our Lord JESUS also was wandering, and Israel lived in tents, often wandering from country to country. 1st Chronicles 16 / 17. Everything is like a vapor. This morning thick fog / vapor covered the entire lake. Our mountain view was completely hidden by this veil. God’s holy Word speaks into every situation that we face. I like Autumn season. It has to tell us about our 70, 80 or more years on earth. A song jumps in while typing these words: “Wayfaring stranger”.
    Rejoice when you have a roof over your head and daily bread. Even this can be quickly luxury.
    Sun made it finally through today and we enjoy a colourful Autumn Sunday. These words I type in public traffic, weekend SHIFT work :)
    I love when brothers and sister are real and share what moves their hearts and minds. I believe and I know, our good LORD is happy, too when we are authentic and real. One day our paths find rest in the haven of rest. Blessings to you all !

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