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  1. This is confirmation I receive a word and spoke Sunday evening about Victory and the next 10 months there will be a Divine Release and Order we will see and experience as Noah the top of the mountain by October Genesis 8:5-6 by the 17th day of the 7th month a great move of God when we add 10 and 7 we get 17 this is the Year of Divine Absolute.  I am excited so days,weeks, months, may come to minutes and seconds Have set the time Praise and Glorify him

  2. I too know about the earthquake to come. God showed me and spoke to me. I was taken above tree tops last April after He showed me many ways he is going to move He said For I am sending a sign a year from this very date! I can’t wait till April!!!!Glory to the Lamb of God!

  3. Confirmation – Confirmation – Confirmation !!!
    How could you know this ? Today I spoke strong and clear to someone about the next 10 days ! We are not in any private contact, but I often recognize, that especially with you I have a strong connection. Great turmoil on earth, and great accerlation for GOD`s elect !

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