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How to Overcome the Dream Thief This Year — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Doug
    Thank you for your teachings and prophetic words! Upon listening to the above and your instruction to ‘do something each day to bring you closer to your dream’ I have this question:
    What do I do to realize my dream to get married? I am 46 and never married with a history of aborting relationships due to fear. I have spent the last 6 months in intense spiritual warfare, fighting to overcome my destructive pattern of quitting relationships – the last being one I truly believe God sent in answer to my prayer. I keep losing men despite marriage being my greatest heart desire! So what do I do to get married? A difficult one to break down into steps, tasks, as I’ve always believed that to be God’s job – I can’t make my husband appear! So what do I do in this regard using your principles for breakthrough?

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