The Price for the Impartation, Elevation and Transformation

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The Price for the Impartation, Elevation and Transformation
Ebola and the Like
Don’t Get Distracted!
Your Assignment is Greater than your Warfare!
A Visitation Testimony


The Price for the Impartation, Elevation and Transformation

The price for the impartation, elevation and transformation was worth all the pain discomfort and agony that was endured.  The labor was strong and intense but the joy of what was birthed was greater than all the agony that had to be encountered to get it here.

All that this baby requires will be expensive, but the sacrifice and cost to see this one develop, healthy and strong and grow to maturity, will be well worth the time, effort and energy it will take to see it live.

This new Vision, this new Mandate will require many changes.  Some things are to be removed, some things are added, some doors closed, new doors opened, some friendships and fellowships adjusted, by The Lord.  But all things will be aligned in His perfect plan.

I’m excited about this new vision and these new plans, because God doesn’t just want to impact a city, but whole nations, countries and regions!  A greater global perspective is what He is doing In this season.  Not just for me, but for those whom He has chosen and they said YES, and went through the process of being cleansed, purified and sanctified and consecrated for the job of repairing the Body of Christ and bringing it back to the ordained place of holiness and righteousness.

To bring in souls that are enslaved in sin and to make whole those who are saved, but need to be delivered!  It’s preparation time for the body of believers and God has a strategic plan that He has set in motion for His will to be accomplished for these last days!

Those whom He has chosen to go forth to bring this plan together, be ready, for marching orders are coming in fast!

Move, when He says MOVE.  Your being in position will be an important part in bringing His total plan forth in this hour!

Remember, the safest place in the whole wide world is in the will of God!  This will be the season of obedience.  It is better than sacrifice for those He has called, ordained and affirmed for such a time as this!

Fearless, courageous, brave, dedicated, committed, obedient, servants are coming forth!

Ebola and the Like

For all of you who are walking around proclaiming you are walking in an Apostolic and Miracle Anointing, we are going to be looking for proof, as these plagues and diseases spread across the globe.

You are going to need the power of Jesus’ name and the power of the Holy Ghost [Holy Spirit] demonstrating in these hours.

This is the, “and these signs shall follow them that believe;  In my name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;  they shall take up serpents;  and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them;  and they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” (Mark 16:17-18) moment that we are walking into right now!

Now is the time to see if we truly believe what the Word says!

If you’re going to walk the walk and talk the talk, then you can’t be fearful of the things that are now release upon the earth!

I had a vision of preachers laying hands with masks and gloves on because they were fearful the Spirit of God said unto me, “Fear, doubt and unbelief don’t mix with the word and the anointing.  I am dismissing these faithless and fearful preachers in this hour and bringing forth a bold and fearless army which shall decree my Word and watch me perform it, because they believe!”  

My question to those who say they are called for such a time as this is, “Where are the weapons of war and mass destruction which have been in the face of God receiving instructions and strategies to defeat and destroy the enemy?

They are not afraid and it’s time to bring them forth!  This is the hour for us to now demonstrate the power we proclaim to possess!

Don’t Get Distracted!

Don’t allow any distractions decoys or alterations to your focus to occur these next three days.

These are very times and alignments of sensitive days.  The Lord is interrupting some things that have been occurring in your life and bringing an end to them, because they have disrupted and altered the course of His will flowing continually in your life.

Satan, in this movement of time, will attempt to sabotage the process that God has orchestrated these next three days to impact your life for the unveiling of the new and complete instructions for your destiny purpose and prosperity.

The 10th day of this month is very important.  The Spirit of God dealt with me about it last month. 10 the number of perfection and completion of God’s divine order.  The completeness of time.  The 10th day when things are going to come to an end that have interrupted the sequence of things that were suppose to occur in your life!

As God is perfecting your atmosphere to prepare for the shifting, transitioning change transformation and release, watch out for those demonic distractions that are designed by satan to throw you off balance spiritually, so that you will miss the timing of God, because you are not spiritual aligned to receive and hear the instructions which will cause a total difference in your life!

I’m ready.  I’m listening and watching.  I’m praying it’s about to be a quick, but intense move of God!  Don’t miss it!

Your Assignment is Greater than your Warfare!

Your assignment is greater than your warfare!  Sitting here with another Woman of God talking about the things that are sometimes connected to your assignment, we got into a discussion about Job.

In all that Job lost, the Bible says Job never lost his integrity!  Even his wife was angry because he held on to his integrity!

No matter what happens don’t lose your integrity.   When Job friends were trying to speak to him and accuse him one thing Job didn’t allow them to do is discredit his relationship with God!  He would not let them make him say he was in sin.

He may have said something out of his frustration, but he would not lose his integrity.  Job declare to God that “though you slay me yet will I trust you!”

I want some of you to know that God has put you in the midst of a challenge between Him and satan concerning you!  We say, “Lord, I want to be just like you,”  but The Lord is asking us, “Can you drink of the cup I drink?”

A total YES, will mean a whipping, a crucifixion and a death to your life.  And then He takes you into the depths of trials that make it seem like you have visited hell, to prepare you for your resurrection, and brings you out as brand new!  A vessel ready to do His will, completely!

A Visitation Testimony

The man of God spoke something to me on September 30th and said it will be as if my world is being turned upside down, but that a mighty visitation will come by the 10th of this month.

I had a visitation tonight that has rocked my entire world I can’t stop weeping and crying.

I know God is not finish with me or speaking to me!  Too much is given, much is required!

The sacrifice I must make now is going to cost me a lot, but I must do it so that the will of God may be done without hindrance or any flesh.  My life at this time must now be in total alignment with the will of God completely.

I am not perfect, but I’m striving to be pleasing and in order to accomplish that, I have to now make some major changes.

Going deeper into the Throne Room for another transformation.  It’s necessary, because who I am right now just won’t do for where I need to go!  As I totally surrender all of me, these next three days will be intense in the Spirit.

My night seasons will be in the presence of The Lord, as I allowed Him to do a work in and on me!


Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God.  She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. I too want to be used mightily by God.. 
    Yes, I need to spend more time with God n sacrifice more.. 
    I am being refined like never before.. 
    It hurts but I want to be in His presence n do something for Him..
    Will the 10th to 12th be important for all of us..
    Here in India, it is the 11th?
    I am ur sister in India, Renu