You have Delivered Your Soul!


“Nevertheless if you warn the wicked to turn from his way, and he does not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul”   Ezekiel 33:9.

There are those who have been pouring out of their spirit, for several weeks now.  It is quite clear, that you have done everything you could to follow what you felt the Spirit would have you say.  Prophecies of things to come; a move or shift in the spiritual realm.  In some cases, it was met with good response.  One thing for sure, many now know that what they felt they had heard, has been confirmed over and again by others seeking to obey the voice of the Lord.  There have been many witnesses in the Spirit.  It’s been a rewarding and fulfilling time, for those who have been trained and prepared for these days we are in.

Yesterday, I attempted to write what I felt I had been given.  It was one of the most difficult times so far, since I came to this Facebook network.  I struggled with it for several hours; I prayed constantly over each sentence.  I did, actually complete both pieces, hoping I would feel better.  I edited them again.  I am always asking the Lord, if it is what He wants said, and if not, please tell me to delete them.

At first the answer was no.  It seems, that the Spirit was keen to see who would respond; if they would like it and what they would say.  Later, I was impressed and led to delete them both.  I am now being told that I can give the titles of what I posted.  The first, on building Bigger Barns, and the second on Compassion.  People had almost nothing to say.

The one on having Compassion, received the very least likes of any note I have ever posted on Facebook (3); and only one short comment.  The amount of harsh negative feelings over a certain event in the news, caused such a force that it was almost impossible to write.

I am not always moved by those who talk about shifts in the spirit realm; I do believe that and I, have also mentioned it at times.  However, in the past hours; there has definitely been an intense stirring in that realm.  I am not a doomsday person; I have no desire whatsoever to hurt people or frightened them.   I will say this. The attitude expressed by so many in this country of America, over today’s events, has caused major things to happen in the heavens.  I feel it is not good; it’s bad.

Some people have once and for all, showed their true colors.  God has a pretty direct attitude about mercy; He watches how we respond.  I only want to say, that those who have fulfilled their calling here on Facebook in these past few days and months, have done what they were supposed to do.  And that was to be a watchman, and warn the people of approaching danger.  It is not their job or real concern how it is received.  Yet, we are human, and it is a righteous feeling to know that you have been taken seriously.

However, if the message is not received, you have delivered your soul.  I was deeply troubled when I arose yesterday; my heart was saddened by what I had heard.  Others seemed to revel in the ugly side of feeling justified; in fact, a great deal of people.  Only God knows, what will happen from here out.

To all prophets/prophetesses, all of those who have sought to minister here in this hour, I salute you.  I feel a lift in my spirit; I do believe that I can say with all clearness of heart, I have done all I could do to follow the leading of the Spirit.

Again, I claim nothing; but his mercy and grace.  I thank people with all of my being for their gracious comments about me and the way they have supported and encouraged me here.  But, I am nothing.  There is not one word I might write, that is done without His help.

It’s not even about me.  I believe, everything I have posted before yesterday, still stands.  We are in for exactly what the Spirit has been ministering about.  I encourage everyone, to go deeper in the Spirit; see in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit and keep saying what you believe God wants you to say.

But know this, we have delivered our souls.  There is a certain peace in that.  I love you much.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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