The Prodigal Son


I thank my friends for providing words of encouragement, using your [Facebook] page’s to encourage and love me.  I appreciate you so much.  We are truly family those of the body of Christ.

May we be sensitive to those who we sense are like the “prodigal son.“  The prodigal son smelled of sin and the pig pen, and he didn’t feel worthy of anything.  Most who are prodigals feel condemned and ashamed.  When we encounter people like this, we need great compassion and gentle leading.  Loving and ministering compassion to the unlovable is showing the message of Gods grace.  Love covers a multitude of sin and iniquity.

The prodigal son hoped he would be accepted as a servant in his Fathers’ house.  There are many in this season that are being drawn back to the Lord.  May we be sensitive to these who need nurturing and restoration.

Can you imagine how the prodigal felt when His Father saw him a long way off and he ran to him?  The Father fell on his neck, wept and covered him with a robe, a ring and shoes for his feet.  The Father knew that once this son was lost and was found.  This prodigal came to understand in his Father’s house there is grace to forgive the most heinous sin AND he was still a son of His Father.  The depth of the Fathers love had no bounds.

The Lord loves the backslider and in this time frame we are in the Lord is seeking out the one who went astray.  Let us not be as the older brother who became religious and jealous when he saw the younger who spoiled his inheritance.  Let us have the heart of the father to rejoice in those who were once lost are now found.

So if you read this knowing that you have backslid and sinned so bad that you feel you cannot come back, be encouraged!  Your Father God is waiting and watching for you to return to him and you need not hide any longer.  God desires to run to you, fall on your neck and weep for joy and cover you with his grace and give you his authority to walk as his son.

You have wondered, could God ever do anything with me again?  Have you thought this?  The gifts and callings are without repentance, God doesn’t take away what gifts HE gives you.  Have you felt this way?  The Lords compassion and grace is truly amazing.  HE will put them on hold while you are refined and made ready through the fire.

Your Father is the Great Potter who can mold you into his will.  While we did things we are ashamed of, it taught us.  However we learned and never want to do that again. S o many must experience the hot stove to see it’s hot.  We are born rebellious, it is a part of our human make up.

God uses every part of our lives to help others.  Yes even in our mess, he uses our mistakes to help others.  How can one have compassion who has never gone through anything.  Those who have been forgiven of much, love much.

God wastes nothing in us, even in our mistakes and failures.  Life’s best teachers are those who have gone through stinging mishaps and failures for it gives us the experience to help others.

May we pray and keep our eyes open for those who don’t smell or look so good and realize maybe one word or touch could cause them to return to the Father, if we only believe and obey.  May the Lord continue to show his love through you and I always.

“Turn, O backsliding children, saith the LORD; for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion,”   Jeremiah 3:14.

See Luke 15:11-32.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards MackeySherry Edwards Mackey
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