The Ark of God’s Presence

This is: “Spirit Call to Rally Now – Part 3

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The greater freshly revealed mysteries from God are uncovering greater light and increasing personal manifestation of the presence of God within and upon His people.

In this season of heaven’s kingdom descending upon and arising from within the people of God, it seems that every week, if not every day, fresh reality of the presence of God is being made known to His people.

This is the New Testament or New Covenant fullness of the Ark of the Presence of God of the Old Testament.  The Ark of the Presence or Covenant was the abiding or resting place of the manifest presence of God on earth in the Old Testament.

After the fall of Adam the presence of God was not within or continuously upon any person on earth until the baptism of Jesus.

Before Jesus the Ark was a very special way for God to be with His people and brought great blessing, protection, and safety to them.  When the Ark was taken by a nation of ungodly people it brought trouble and disease among them until it was returned to the people of God.

At the baptism of Jesus, God tore the heavens open (opened heaven), and the Spirit descended upon Jesus and as a dove and sat upon Him and remained.  The presence of God was permanently upon and within Jesus, a human being.  At that moment, Jesus became the Ark or place of abiding for Spirit God on earth.  God of all creation was in Jesus and upon Him continuously by God’s Holy Spirit.

The word “ark” is defined in the Miriam Webster Dictionary online as, “something that affords protection and safety” and “the sacred chest representing to the Hebrews the presence of God among them.”

Noah’s Ark and Today

God had Noah to build a floating ark that saved and protected the people and animals from the flood.  The flood cleansed the earth of all that had raised itself against God and had refused to hear and obey His word and His way.  Every person that was corrupt in their minds and hearts and would not come to God died in the flood.

In this current season of cleansing judgment that begins with the house of God and then is upon the rest of the world, God has provided and is now revealing His Ark of protection and safety.

The Ark of God for us today is the personification and embodiment of the manifest presence of God upon and within His people through Christ Jesus by the Spirit of God.

Plainly speaking, there is no assurance of any other way to survive and prosper in this season of severe transition.  It is only by the manifest presence of God that the will of God and the Kingdom of God actually come forth on earth in and upon His people.

The church buildings and the Christian religion afford no protection or safety without the reality of the manifest presence of God upon the people.  Religion is not the ark of God.  We may wish that it was or may even believe that it is.  However, the ark is not the building, and neither is it the system or the dogma of ritualistic doctrines of liturgy.  The ark is the Spirit of God Almighty resting upon and within the humble people of God, the mature Sons of God.

Spirit Governance, the End of Secularism

Yes, God is everywhere and in all things.  By Him all things were created, and all things consist by Him.  The Spirit of God is within all true believers of Jesus as savior.  However, the manifest presence of Almighty God does not rest UPON every believer.

When the manifest presence of God rests like a dove upon us, the Spirit of Christ within us arises to do the works of Jesus, the greater things that Jesus promised.

Natural everyday life becomes an extraordinary adventure of the life of God flowing through us to the world around us.  Everything we do wherever we go is saturated with God, and all things are possible to us.

Secularism and other “isms” stole the things of this life (the Kingdom of God on earth) by creating a division between God and life in this world.  Secular democracy became an open invitation for the enemy anti-Christ spirit to take authority over the people and attempt to remove God and Christ Jesus from the face of the earth.

God cannot successfully be separated from any part of life.  The only lasting successful governance for all areas of life in this world is the kingship of Christ Jesus, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, present within and upon us by the Spirit of God.

The ark of God contains the living seed of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, much like Noah’s ark contained the seed to replenish the earth.

The flood of anti-Christ driven marauding armies are given power to destroy as the flood did in Noah’s day.  Those who are in the ark will be spared alive on earth as the seed of the Kingdom of God to replenish the earth.

Let me be very clear, not all believers are in the ark of His manifest presence upon them.  Yes, they have the potential to be so.  They may also have assurance of eternal life.  However, the dove of the manifest presence of God may not be resting upon them, and therefore they are not in the ark of His manifest presence that will deliver them in this life to remain on earth as seeds of the kingdom age beyond the cleansing judgments.

If we do not have the fullness of the Kingdom of God within and UPON us now in the manifest presence of God by the Spirit of God resting upon us, we are not in the ark of His presence and may not endure to become the living seed of the kingdom to replenish the earth.  Indeed, redeemed believers will become part of the cloud of witnesses in eternal heaven.  Again, all true believers have the earnest of the Holy Spirit within them, but not all true believers have the manifest presence of God resting upon them by the Spirit of God.

  • How far must this destruction and death go?
  • Can it be stopped, and should it be stopped?
  • Is it possible even at this late stage to stop the devastation?
  • Is there hope for the nations to remain and become a part of the kingdom?

The earth must be cleansed of that which is not of God to make place for the Kingdom of God on earth.  There are at least two ways that the earth can be cleansed.  People and nations decide which method pertains to them.

In the Old Testament, when Jonah was sent to Nineveh to proclaim the judgment of God upon that evil ungodly nation, the leadership of the nation responded and led the nation into repentance, and Jonah’s words of cleansing judgment did not come to pass in that generation.

The nation was cleansed by turning to God, and judgment was no longer necessary to cleanse their land at that time.  The people and the nation survived and prospered by turning from their wicked ways unto God and His ways.

In a similar manner, this whole thing today could be completely changed in a movement of people and nations turning to God.  But that would mean turning away from false religions and secular independence unto the living God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit of God.

Personally, I believe that God has provided major occasions of Spirit outpourings touching and drawing His people in recent history.  In some of these occasions, many thousands have turned to God and began their journey toward the real Kingdom of God functioning in their lives and flowing from them into the world around them.

The Spirit of God coming and resting upon the Kingdom of God people has brought fear and oppression to the anti-Christ spirit-driven people.  This fear has stirred and inflamed them to try to destroy the name of Jesus and His kingdom from the earth.  Tolerance and agreement from high ranking depraved national leaders has released, encouraged, and strengthened the surging hordes of marauding anti-Christ armies to arise and aggressively move upon the nations of the world.

God is calling now for the people of God to rally together under the one name of Jesus and cry out to God to be changed into the kingdom people that can demonstrate the supernatural manifest presence (the ark of God) among the people of the world.  This is the opportunity for the great harvest of this world.

Dear friends, we have not come this way before.

The crossing over of the great river into the new land of promise, the Kingdom of God on earth is before us.  As Moses crossed the Red Sea and Joshua crossed the Jordan, the great crossing is before us into the fullness of King Jesus (Yeshua) and His Kingdom.  Fresh revelation and impartation of massive supernatural Spirit love, faith, power, and wisdom from the manifest presence of Almighty God resting upon His kingdom people is the way of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

In Noah’s ark only a seed was miraculously saved from the flood of judgment to replenish the world after the flood. In Moses’ crossing a whole nation miraculously walked through the sea on dry land.  They walked out of national bondage and into a wilderness.  After forty years in the wilderness in Joshua’s crossing of the Jordan River, a conquering nation miraculously walked across on dry land to take and occupy the Promised Land.

The miraculous crossing into the Kingdom of God on earth

This crossing is the called out heavenly kingdom nation taken from many nations led by Christ Jesus miraculously walking through the “flood” of judgment on dry land into the Spirit reality of the Promised Land of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Jesus and His saints are coming through!


~ Ron McGatlin

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Ron McGatilnRon McGatlin Ron has over 62 years of seeking to serve God in ministry and business.  Barbara has served in pastoral and Christian education positions for over 10 years.  They currently make their home in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, USA.  Ron has written 5 books on revival and the in-breaking kingdom and continues to write powerful apostolic/prophetic articles published weekly in the Digest.

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