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The Red Dragon and The Bear — Brace for Impact — 12 Comments

  1. Years ago (approx. 5 years) my husband and I had slightly similar dreams about jets, with one crashing in a waterway. Another jet landed on one of our city streets, a pilot, dressed in all white with a smile on his face.
    There were other dreams also about jets within a short time. We shared these dreams with one another at the same time, looking at the waterway.
    We know now for sure these dreams were of the LORD.

  2. “Tale of the red dragon is about to strike” fits the concept of nations that have borrowed from China and may have financial collapse.  “for the iron fist of the bear will seek to bring nations to their knees”…this must be Russia vs the nato nations perhaps in the Ukraine

    Thank you prophetess Veronica

  3. After reading this I was pretty confused, as so often we read and heard that it is NOT the time of the A. Rising yet!!
    Shaking yes, but the interruption through Revival and the Restitution be seen in all 7 mountains of society.

    What is rught now???

    • The spirit of the Antichrist rising would be to put in place structures for more loss of our freedoms. This maybe through banking (CBDC, shutting down of accounts), climate change (eg. no travel, meat taxes, 15 min cities), forcing acceptance of ideologies (eg.transgender, immigration chaos) and the dismantling of Christianity and traditions through Official Churches, censorship – especially of the church and all dissenting arguments, and AI. More of what has already started through legislation, media and social acceptance.

  4. I shared part of my dream in your snowball word, but in the first part of the dream a person named Chase came in to give news, the news was something about China & Russia. ( it was Thanksgiving time in my dream & it started snowing & new things would be ok.  It made me think around Thanksgiving time things will start to change for the better which for non-Americans that’s last November.

  5. Recently while driving I saw a cloud in the sky that resembled a bear and I heard Holy Spirit reply the bear cometh.  I replied okay while the bear cometh what should I do.  Immediately the cloud behind the bear took the form of an eagles head and it was as if the eagle swallowed the bear.  This is exactly what I was shown and heard whether it be in the form of picture or a vision.  I pray for HIS protection over all nations of the earth in Jesus Name Amen

  6. Wow,.. just yesterday AM my husband awake from a dream where he saw foreign jets coming off a conveyor belt into USA soil. He saw a red star on the jets.. he thought China but said Russia! Instead of 2 pilots, each fighter jet held 4 pilots and they were in their planes asleep until they came off the conveyor belt and awoke.
    When my husband awoke I heard him say, “Russia? China?” He looked up the aircraft online and sure enough he saw exactly what Russia & China’s fighter jets look like!!
    Thank you for this word!

  7. May we all remember these things will ultimately set us free.  Thank you for sharing this vision.  I saw the red dragon once, about three years ago. breathing over the eastern shores of America.

    • Many, many countries have borrowed heavily from China, including those in Africa. This means that economic collapse will bring about total chaos of the monetary system, national and international trade which includes food, energy and medical supplies. We must seek God to advise us how to prepare for this time.

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