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The Ruach of God is Blowing in Our Land — 5 Comments

  1. Cyclone *Niran developed off the coast of Cairns, Australia, near to where I live. Please note that the modern spelling of Niran is **”Na’aran.” Niran was birthed into a circular path, that is, a revolution. Mary Dorian writes, “the Holy Spirit will send a sign beforehand to announce this ***revolution.” I thought it was amazing that Niran has a strong’s number! (H5295). Chris, your previous article on HKP is “The Temple of Living Water.” The incident relating to Niran is when Elisha turned the salt water into ****fresh water (2 Kings 2:19-23. Why did the youths abuse Elisha? Because it was their source of income, to deliver fresh water. The synagogue at ****Niran continues to operate to this day!!


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