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The Season of Increase, Overflow and Abundance — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you Veronica ❤️ That is an amazing word! And yes, I am claiming it! For me, it is truly a word in season! A now word!!! Thank you! May the Lord bless and keep you, Veronica, and increase you in every way. Amen and Amen!

  2. Glory to GOD! Thank You Sister for this Powerful NOW Word! Thank You Lord as This is My Harvest Time and Now we will see the Fruit of our Labor- I thank you Lord for Increase, Abundance, & Multiplication in every area of my Life in this NOW Season. During this Week of Tabernacles -We shall see the Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living-in this Season Of NOW☝

  3. The particular and here emboldened words “.. for out of the womb of intimacy, comes the birthing of our Kingdom Destiny” are very expedient indeed at this present time as a time which is on the eve of great change.

  4. Translation correcture: I saw “false grin”, not “false greening”. Sister, anyhow, your vision touched me to tears and gives me HOPE. I don’t mind if I must wait until I dance around the TREE OF LIFE together with other saints and The LORD. And I know, until that day comes, HE never lets one of His children beg for bread or water.

  5. This was almost exactly happening to me on October 2, 2020 !! I drove to my homeland for I have some free days now from work. Before I moved to Switzerland in 2008, I lived in Southern Germany, near to the Swiss boarder, in a big, stunning beautiful wineyard and fruit tree paradise. I was awaited for private visitation by an old farmer couple, and the owner of thousands of trees asked me to work spontaneously with his employees, the harvest helpers, to pick up the apples from the ground after men had shaken the apples to fall down. Oh what an abundance of fruits ! The grape harvest was already done a few days back. Finally we gathered 14 tons on last Friday. I felt like Ruth… for I could be in the fields with other workers and later was told by the farmer to carry apples home as much as I want. In the evening he wanted to pay me salary, but I said, I am grateful for the fruits and that I can be their guest and get food while staying there. There is so much more to say….but I must be careful. The same women and men were in the field from that wanted to kick me out 14 years ago. I am not here to tell in detail how Jezebels from Poland dared to steal my good destiny. I lost my fiance to a younger, we cancelled our wedding date, restaurant, everything. The foreign workers laughed and had their fun, mocked me and my country Germany so badly. I understood some of the polish words. The younger woman later became very very sick and had to leave. My almost father-in-law, yes, that farmer, he told me, meanwhile his firstborn and only son died, and my former fiance, the “adopted” son, is his big hope. Can you imagine, that my appearance wasn’t a joy for many in the field ? I heard their evil words again, saw their false greening, while I was kneeling and working, with aching knees, but functioning without any lament.
    I just prayed MY GOD, BRING YOU TO LIGHT what went wrong there !
    If there ever will be a Happy End – I don’t know. I just felt the urgency to share this.

    • Wow!! What an Amazon testimony and a beautiful True Story you are being told by the Author Himself. I was very blessed by this sharing.
      Thank you and bless your beautiful heart.
      I believe that the ending is truly
      “Happily Ever After with the King”

  6. I sent a comment thanking for this word
    as it’s my birthday today
    My scripture for this year from Roshahana and Tabernacles is Isaiah 61 so this is such a great word to read today
    Thank you

  7. Thank you for your ministry and the prophetic words you have brought.

    Today’s word is particularly special as it’s my birthday today.

    Thank you again

    Florence x

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