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Worldwide Warning: The Shake Up is Now! — 4 Comments


  2. Yes ! We must stand the ground and SPEAK for righteousness where there is increasing unrighteousness and oppression ! At work during one hour can be done much. I want to encourage all who fear to open their mouths to avoid controversy. So many are glad that there is at least one person who stands for their rights. Many have cowered back and are silent. I could tell here about daily wonders. The opposition is always and everywhere, but also thankful people. One “patient” in a senior home asks me for reading the same psalm over and over. I am not as often working on his floor where his chamber is. It is psalm 3. He is a former alcohol addict and now the “crazy dangerous guy” for some. Today he smiled when I read “My God, You will beat my enemies on their cheeks”. He had never access or time or desire to read the Bible. In every room now there is a New Testament and psalm Book included. What a blessing ! So many hide the Book. But he has nothing else. No luxury, nothing. When he notices I have some minutes time, he stands in my way and says “3”. He loves that psalm. I do not know his biography in detail. Sisters and brothers: It is so precious to do good and to be bold for God’s Word and truth. Every small act of goodness counts.

  3. Awesome, awesome, and awesome some more. Wow! I read some things i have received in prayer that was confirmed and all i can express is wow. I humbly thank you for sharing such wonderful insight. Much honor and success to you Apostle!

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