Worldwide Warning: The Shake Up is Now!


This is a long post!  But read it prayerfully!

I’ve been quiet this morning, because I’ve been listening to the Holy Spirit minister to me about some things.

As I pondered on what He was showing me and speaking to me, I began to get some instructions for the people.

1.   God said tell the people, stop being laid back, not taking a stand on anything.He said they are lukewarm in their beliefs.

They won’t show forth the decisions on certain things, because they don’t want to lose those who may get angry at what they believe.

He said the people are not saying anything, so that they won’t encounter the warfare they know will erupt because of what they stand for.

So they sit back not saying anything, so they won’t be persecuted or attacked for believing in something that they know is right, but which the majority goes against.

2.   The Spirit of the LORD said that many are behind time as to what He is doing.

The people are not taking heed to the warnings of the true prophets.  They have rejected the voice of God, because it doesn’t satisfy their flesh.

They are operating out of sync with Him.  They are moving, but not according to the timing of His Will.

He said the people seem blind, but they see they just reject what they don’t want.

He said their wills are stubborn and they rebel against His voice.  They say, “We don’t want to hear that!” and they listen to only what pleases their flesh.

I heard,  “Woe unto those who refuse the Words of the LORD, who rise up against His servants who  speak truth.”

He said they spew hatred out their mouths against the things that are true, for they love lies and deceit and they embraced what is corrupt, because their hearts are evil.

He said,  “I will deal with those who reject My Words, but those who hear will be saved in My Wrath and Anger.”

3.   The Spirit spoke about the economy of the earth.

He said wicked men want to control the wealth, but He is placing those righteous within the circle of those who are rich and wealthy and they shall begin to instruct the finances of these persons to be directed into the work of the LORD.

He said there is a remnant who shall obtain the knowledge of the Kingdom concerning the direction of the wealth in this hour.

There will be a troubling time of uncertainty that shall occur about the economy, and this is when He shall put these persons in position to be instructors of the wealth.

They will show others how to cause the people and cities to survive.  They will have a plan that will provide for millions of people, that they will not die or become lost without hope or a remedy.

Those who are true prophets will have the words of survival with instructions and directions.

They will show the people what is needful for life to continue to exist.

It will be important for us to listen to those who are teaching prosperity to save nations and not just to hoard up for themselves.

Listen closely, the directions will have to be done exactly as instructed so that these things won’t fail.

4.   The Body of Christ will go through a very intense shake up now.

It will seem as if there is a major collapse taking place, because we will see much being touched by the hand of God.

There will be a collapse of certain systems and denominations, because of the magnitude of corruption associated with them.

There will be a uncovering of those who have made covenants with things that are not of God.

Cults, secret societies and their activities of operations among the people of God shall be revealed.

The magnitude of the widespread evil that had been covered up will be mind blowing.

What we see coming forth concerning the Catholic Church will be nothing compared to what is about to be revealed among those that say they are Apostolic or Holiness.

There will be many arrests coming forth as victims are now opening their mouths and coming forth.

I heard,  “Be very careful even in this, for some accusations will be false and brought forth from those who have personal vendettas against a person.”

He said,  “Weigh everything in prayer before making assumptions and believing all things being said.”

5.   There will be more volcanic eruptions, greater than what has happen in Hawaii.

He showed me great disasters taking place throughout the earth.

I’m praying for Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Haiti, New Zealand, France, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Hong Kong, China.

Earthquakes, floods, fires, plane crashes, train derailments, terrorist plots, shall greatly increase.

Remain prayerful for the winter season shall be unusual.  It will be like summer in some places.

I’m praying for us through the hurricane season, but it’s after the season ends that we will need to be praying the hardest about.

The aftermath will be great.  I keep hearing intentional flooding shall take place.

We need to really pay attention to the places and areas and people who are being effective by the disasters.

I’m praying for those who are poor sick and elderly, that God will protect their lives.

6.   People, I’m troubled also about a dream I had where leaders were portraying the attributes of the mafia.

I heard some leaders ordering the execution of those who opposed them, and they were entering cities and attacking any church where they were going to preach at which didn’t have lavish accommodations for them.

Anybody who opposed them, they were telling their bodyguards to hurt them.

I was saying to them in the dream,  “You can’t act like that toward the people!  You can’t just hurt and kill people because they won’t worship you!”

They would look at me but they wouldn’t say anything back to me.  They would drop their heads as if they were ashamed, but they were yet murmuring, complaining and saying they were going to get those who didn’t bow to them when they went to preach in their cities.

God said to me, this is the attitude of many.  They become enraged when they are not treating like a god.  They feel they should be treating like royalty.

He said,  “This is their hearts.  They want the glory and honor that is mine!”

He said,  “Watch your heart, that you don’t become puffed up in pride, because of how I shall bless you.”

He said,  “They forgot Me and took My Glory from Me, but they shall wither away and be no more,” saith the LORD.  “Pride and greed has cause them to no longer honor Me as their God!”

Today my heart is troubled and grieved and I am praying much for the conditions of our hearts, the conditions of our soul &and spirit, and the deceit of our minds.

I’m praying our eyes and ears are opened to truth and that we will be able to discern the deception of the enemy that is causing many to fall or become entrap in their own self importance.

I’m praying for understanding of the times, so that we won’t be lost and will be prepared for the coming of the LORD.

I’m in much prayer in this hour, that we come into the presence of the LORD, seeking Him through fasting and prayer with our whole hearts.

I love you.  Know I’m keeping my ear to His mouth so that I can hear what the Spirit is saying in this hour.


Father, I ask that you will open up our understanding, reveal the plans of the enemy, and give us wisdom and knowledge of how to live victorious in these times of trouble.

Help us to see the error of our ways and to repent and come back to our first love, who is You, and to serve You with gladness through the ages.

Father, help us to lay aside the sins and weights that are causing us to stumble and fall and to learn how to stand holy and righteousness in a world full of sin and corruption.

Father, teach us how to war and to be warriors in this hour, so that we are not defeated by the enemy.

Strengthen us and give us the power to resist all temptations that satan will send to try and overthrow us.

Father we decree this day that we are more than conquerors, that we are strong and mighty and that we will stand together as a mighty army fighting in unity against everything that opposed You and Your Word.

We decree this day that we triumph over the weapons that were formed against us and that there is no evil that befalls us, neither any plague satan sends that can come nigh our dwellings.

Thank you that you have taught our hands to war and fingers to fight and that we can stand in authority and power, because you oh LORD live inside us.

Father we decree that this day we shall go forth taking back what satan has stolen from us, regaining our lives families and substance in Jesus’ name.   Amen.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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Worldwide Warning: The Shake Up is Now! — 4 Comments

  1. Awesome, awesome, and awesome some more. Wow! I read some things i have received in prayer that was confirmed and all i can express is wow. I humbly thank you for sharing such wonderful insight. Much honor and success to you Apostle!

  2. Yes ! We must stand the ground and SPEAK for righteousness where there is increasing unrighteousness and oppression ! At work during one hour can be done much. I want to encourage all who fear to open their mouths to avoid controversy. So many are glad that there is at least one person who stands for their rights. Many have cowered back and are silent. I could tell here about daily wonders. The opposition is always and everywhere, but also thankful people. One “patient” in a senior home asks me for reading the same psalm over and over. I am not as often working on his floor where his chamber is. It is psalm 3. He is a former alcohol addict and now the “crazy dangerous guy” for some. Today he smiled when I read “My God, You will beat my enemies on their cheeks”. He had never access or time or desire to read the Bible. In every room now there is a New Testament and psalm Book included. What a blessing ! So many hide the Book. But he has nothing else. No luxury, nothing. When he notices I have some minutes time, he stands in my way and says “3”. He loves that psalm. I do not know his biography in detail. Sisters and brothers: It is so precious to do good and to be bold for God’s Word and truth. Every small act of goodness counts.

  3. Wonderful apostle! Thanks for alerting us. Help us Abba Yahuyah. We need you more.