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The Stealth Archers of God, His Resistance Fighters — 5 Comments

  1. thank you for the powerful understanding of THE WORD OF GOD !!!
    might do some sharing of the same if required… its a powerful weapon … !!!

  2. Chills, Holy Chills… we shall be HIS & HE is ours. Deep Deep Faith in Father we have been through much & brought before our Messiah King. His 1st love for us and your response of love circling back to HIM. Thank you Father & Deborah for this encouraging message. Selah!

  3. Thank you for serving The Lord and sharing this Call to The Body of Christ! Very Encouraging Word from The Lord! Thank you for serving the King. God Bless – Love

  4. I had a dream once that I was massaging my sister in law while she was lying on bed, my youngest brother was sitting there and he told me that my mother had a gift for me, I said to him ” I don’t deserve it ” but she gave it to me anyway. It was a bow shape bracelet gem which is kind of blue color, and I put it on and I love it … so even I was tired because of the many battles I was facing through the years, I was always encouraged through many dreams that God gave it to me and his word. Many thanks to you, God bless !

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