The Strains of the Redemption Song


There are songs which can only be learned in the valley.  No art can teach them; no rules can make them perfectly sung.  Their music is in the heart.

They are songs of memory, of personal experience, they bring out their burden from the shadow of the past; they mount on the wings of yesterday.

Saint John of the Cross says that even in heaven, there will be a song that can only be fully sung by the sons of the earth…. the strain of redemption.  Doubtless it is a song of triumph, a hymn of victory to Christ who made us free.

But the sense of triumph must come from the memory of the chain.  No angel, no archangel can sing it so sweetly as I can.  To sing it as I sing it, they must pass through my exile, and this they cannot do.  None can learn it but the children of the cross.

And so, my soul, thou art receiving a music lesson from thy Father.  Thou art being educated for the choir invisible.  There are parts of the symphony that none can take but thee.  There are chords too minor for the angels.

There may be heights in the symphony which are beyond the scale….. heights which angels alone can reach…. but there are depths which belong to thee, and can only be touched by thee.

The Father is training thee for the part the angels cannot sing; and the school is sorrow.  I have heard many say that He sends sorrow to prove thee, nay, He sends sorrow to educate thee, to train thee for the choir invisible.

In the night, He is preparing thy song.  In the valley, He is tuning thy voice. In the cloud, He is deepening thy chords. In the rain, He is sweetening thy melody. In the cold, He is molding thy expression. In the transition from Hope to fear He is perfecting thy lights.

“Despise not the thy school of sorrow, O my soul; it will give thee a unique part in the universal song…..”  ~ George Matheson ~


~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

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The Strains of the Redemption Song — 1 Comment

  1. Beautiful word! Thank you! I know my test, pain, trials and tribulations is worth it. He is purifying me with his fire and I know its not in vain. I know I will see my enemies ashamed, because the Lord is the great I Am, and he will not fail.