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  1. A few years ago, I had a dream of a flowing river. Jesus stood on the bank of this river wearing a long white robe. When Jesus had my attention , He stepped down into the flowing river. Jesus stood there for a few minutes and then Jesus put His head under the water. The river in this dream had a flow to it, a peace to it. I believe this river is pointing to walking with God, walking in the flow and being connected to the things of God at this time. To flow in this river, or the ways of God at this time, the body the church has to be totally surrendered to God and to His will. When the Lord put His head , His entire body under the water and the flow of the river; The lord was demonstrating what it would take to walk with Him and to be in the flow of what he was doing at this time and in this season spiritually. This dream showed that A TOTAL SURRENDER WAS REQUIRED. “NOT MY WILL LORD , BUT THY WILL BE DONE”!

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