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There is Nothing That HE Can’t Do! — 5 Comments

  1. Over the last 48 hours I had 2 confirmations. Regarding your prophecy I am a male with dark hair and blue eyes and this prophecy is the 2nd word for word confirmation.

    Thank you Prophetess.

  2. That reminded me of the faith our daughter exhibited. When she was about four, we moved from Iowa to Nebraska. While the movers were moving us in, her cat named Sam went outside. When we noticed his absence, we walked the new neighborhood calling him. We didn’t find him. We gathered back at our new home and I said to the 4 of us, let’s pray. I prayed, Dear Father in heaven, please bring Sam home.
    Our daughter said, OK let’s open the door for Sam. I took a deep breath and opened the door and in walked Sam.

  3. Thanks for encouraging words
    Am going through very tough moment in fulfilling my kingdom assignment,
    Gotten to the very end but still looking up into the lord

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