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They Say, “New Levels, New Devils!” — 4 Comments

  1. A pastor was prophesying and my prophesy was new level and I heard that but the enemy tried to scare me saying new devil’s but the Holy Spirit said the devil was defeated on the last level and they will be defeated on this level also.And since then I have seen 3 eagle’s thank you Abba Father in Jesus name amen

    • Amen!!! This was so refreshing to read. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to protect us and keep us from all attacks of the enemy.

  2. Good, Good, Good, Words, Abba Daddy, for me spoken, such uplifting unto me. I Rejoice Greatly in thee. I love, love, love you, for thou are indeed with me, thou goes before me, to accomplish your will upon my life. I am comforted by your words. Hallelujah !! Glory to God ! Thanks be to God ! Thank you Lord, for sending the Big Guns ! I am well protected, more for me, than them that are against me. Praise the Lord. I love you !! Am Blessed !

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