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Things Are Not as They Appear to Be — 9 Comments

  1. Around 2009/10 I felt God say to me that there is a time coming when all our senses will deceive us and all around us that appears to be true won’t be. That we need to firmly on the rock and not the sand to discern the truth. I saw too where the technology is going and now we are at the point almost God showed me at that time. But people didn’t want to hear it. They mostly still don’t. It is so frightening that on the whole, they do not want to know. So they are vulnerable to what is happening. They would rather believe the lie than the truth. I was reading yesterday that in China, they don’t even realise how much control their government has because they see it mostly as keeping them safe. We do need to discern and be in repentance and standing on the rock and asking God to show us the truth about what is happening. He has shown me time and again when I have asked. He doesn’t want His children to walk in the dark. He wants us to see the truth but to not be afraid. Because He is in control – despite how it may seem. But we must not shy away from the truth either. Because pretending it isn’t happening means we are very vulnerable to being mislead and then leading others to be also.

  2. The real kicker will be when the church in America sees it is God himself who has done all this because who they portrayed him to be is just not true. When they see him as he is they will realize he looks like all of those they kicked out of their fellowships those who actually believed their is only one God who is Spirit and has a son named Jesus and his sole intention is to save all men. Oh well buckle up for the rest of the story it will unfold directly right on time.

  3. So very true, Heidi. We are in the whirlpool of deception that has been fabricated over time and fed to the masses but God is saying, Enough! Thanks for sharing so many confirmations. Love, Sandi

  4. Russia is also known for their Fabrege eggs. They want you to concentrate on Russia to be decived by other happenings. Very much the case today.

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