This Will Be a Year of Release

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This Will Be a Year of Release

“This will be a year of RELEASE.  Release from bondages and release from infirmities.

Many others will be released through your prayers for one another.  As you worship and pray there will be increase in revelation and as you stay grounded in My Word, discernment will also increase.

You need to stay close to ME, to be in communion with Me so that you can hear what I AM saying to you or showing you.

Escalation has been here, and it will continue this year.  You are called to bring heaven to earth through your worship and prayers, and through your love towards one another.

Love for others is always an outworking of your relationship with Me.  If your relationship with Me is suffering some loss, then your ability to maintain kindness and peace in the midst of storms will be difficult.

But if you hold on to intimacy with Me, you will have all you need to get through whatever comes.”

As a Mighty Rushing Wind

“Do not fear, for I said, I would come again as a mighty rushing wind, and that I will do.

You will have all you need to fight in this war of all wars.  Even now I AM imparting to you even when you can’t feel anything, as you come and worship Me, or pray to Me, I AM restoring to you all that has been stolen.

I speak of heavenly things Beloved’s, for this earth is passing away.  But My word will never pass away.

Speak My word to the winds, to the roaring of the seas, to the earth and all that is in it, and speak to the spiritual wickedness in high places the truth.

Do not give into discouragement.

For what is your life?  Does it only consist of the things you have?  Is it not hidden in Me?

It’s what you have eternally that matters. It’s who you are in Me that matters.  It’s who you represent as you go about your daily activities that matters.

Your life is hidden in Me.”

(Received January 9, 2012.)


~ Priscilla

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