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Though Darkness May Surround You — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus. I want to share with you the insight the wise Lord Jesus has given me. I was angry of the pagan blocking of the gospel. Why is it that every time we as Christians testimony about our new life in Christ, that they want much more to hear about how much sin in details we did before meeting Christ? Why is it more interesting to record us promising that we will never sin again? Why do they stop recording when we give a testimony with a saying? I wanted to write on this issue in the newspaper. But suddenly I was given the insight that no matter how we say that it is not the point, we are not the ones to convince, as the testimony of God is greater and He is the one who is able to give conviction of sinful behavior, exactly that conviction we had when we met Jesus and in daily life thereafter. The only thing we can do about that and every issue is pray for these and bless. In the process there will be a great revival we can be sure of that, so we do have a great future. Together. God bless you. Lucia Ludvigsen

  2. I feel like you are speaking to me only, yet there may be many others Abba, I feel a stirring within my spirit as I continue to press into you this day. Yes through that circumstance, you have already made a way of escape for me. I praise and thank you for it, and like you said Light, always over comes darkness, indeed it does so. I am Light, an I hav overcome the darkness surrounded by me. Yes, I have cast my cares upon you, all knowing I can rest my cares upon you. Peace is ruling in my heart.
    Tere is much to say Abba, for you are leading me, by your Spirit, this I know, and you are speaking to me, for I am your sheep. I will forever keep my eyes upon you. Yes, your Glory, has Risen upon me. I’m so thankful,always surrounded in your love and care for me. I love you Abba, praying you will come back again today to share more as I upon you to speak to your servant Deborah, for I’m always blessed as she shares your words, especially this one, I just read. Thanks be to God, I love you. Amen

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