Three Kinds of Prophecies


One of the biggest pains in my heart is when believers lack deep understanding about the subject of prophecies.

I think we as believers, must understand prophecies very well.  I have often taught about three kinds of prophecies I know of.  There may be more, but I think they are grouped under these three descriptions:

  • Decreetive Prophecies,
  • Prophecies fulfilled through faith and positive actions and
  • Prophecies fulfilled through prayers.

All these prophecies are in the Word of God.

There are some prophecies that will happen without human participation.  For instance, Jesus said the World will come to an end.  Whether we do anything about it or not, it will come to an end.  This is the kind of prophecy that falls under the Decreetive Prophecies.

Elijah prophesied about sound of rain to Ahab, but we saw the prophet praying about this on the mountain top to prayerfully birth it.  This is the second kind of prophecy, prophecies fulfilled through prayers!

Elisha prophesied in 2 Kings 7 about the end of their economic downturns.  Four lepers who were not preview to this word took steps of faith and the prophecy came to be.  This is an example of prophecies fulfilled through Faith and positive action.

When a prophecy comes to you, find out under which category it falls, and take the positive actions necessary to birth it!

There are certain prophecies that can be averted when we engage in prayers, like Elijah did.


~  by Mark Cyril

Pastor Mark CyrilAuthor, teacher, motivational and conference speaker, Pastor Mark Cyril is the international President of CYRIL MARK WORLD EVANGELISM – an independent ministry taking the message of the cross across the Nations turning many in their numbers to salvation through Jesus Christ. He is also the Senior Pastor of Revelation Apostolic Community; an apostolic and Prophetic Word based ministry in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria – West Africa.

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Three Kinds of Prophecies — 1 Comment

  1. In James we are told take the prophets of old as an example. I liked this article however it may not be quite as simple as find out which of these three it falls under. Elijah is a great example-Ezekiel 14:1-4,deut -13:3,Jeramiah 23 are a few examples possibly