America: Prophetic Words Are Coming to Pass!


Prophetic Words Are Coming to Pass and the LORD Has Spoken

In the course of events, the Words that the LORD spoke to me as Prophet concerning America and what He was doing, as far back as 2008, are coming to pass.

In the Election Event we have just concluded, with the Election of Donald Trump and the rejection of Hillary Clinton, I can clearly see fulfillment.

Please note that in the defeat of Hillary Clinton’s bid to become president…..  It is clear that she was carrying on President Obama’s administration.

Clinton [if she had been elected] would have stood upon all Obama began and set in motion, and then on his platform, continuing on to the destruction of this America [as Obama had led this Country into days of great calamity].  This election was not just about Clinton, but it was the rejection of President Obama’s legacy.

I want to share SOME of these words.  I have brought 3 words [quotes from 2 and one complete Word], here for you to read.  Read them and see that although they were given in 2008 and in 2013 they are fully seen explaining the recent events and what were and are God’s plans for America.

Received November 20, 2008  [Quote from major Prophetic Word: Two Major Events]

“The Democratic Party has gone too far.  I will blast them like a mighty blast of My nostrils.  I will arise to wash them of the filth of their ways.

I AM not a God to reckon with.  I AM mighty in battle.  I will not stop until all the world seen their folly.  America has many thousands of My people who love Me.  Their cry is coming up before Me for their land like never before.

I must arise and heal their land of its sore.  These people are mine and I will protect them.  Freedom will not leave this land but the wicked will.

I will turn them into HELL.  What I have spoken I have spoken.  Do not try to change My mind.  I destroyed Sodom for less than what the wicked men in America have done this day.

Not only have they lived in filth, they have challenged Me.  The have made signs at me with the middle fingers on their hands.  Sodom’s men pursued their sin, these men pursue Me.

I will arise to answer them!  I AM the LORD.  Before Me they will not stand.  Away with them, the fire of hell awaits them.  I have spoken;  I move to shake this land!”

Shortly afterward the LORD told me again:

“You have the man you put above me, choosing him and all he stands for, over and above me.

He is your man you have chosen, to follow looking to him for the solution to all your problems.  Walk with him and know and learn well the futile efforts of man.

I did not design this world to work without Me! So walk with him…. If you can.

See clearly the end of mam who claims to walk without Me.”

* * * * *

In August 2013 the LORD gave me extensive words about Obama and his plan involving him and why he was placed as president in America.

God clearly revealed to me, to warn others, exactly what he was and is doing in America. Read this Word and see how it is happening just like He said to me:

In the Darkness of Obama’s Day

Early this morning the Word of the LORD came unto me and this is what He said:

“Hear Me and know that I AM your God Everlasting.  

I have seen the affliction of My people in America and I have known them who are plundered and cast down in the imaginations of their thoughts about me.

I have determined to awaken them and remove the blindness before their eyes so they can clearly see the way before them.  

Because they have entertained false opinions and have walked in confusion even though they have had my written Word, yet that Word has been twisted by many speaking wrong teachings.

I move to clarify the thinking so they can clearly understand their foolish thinking.   I will shine Light into them, just in time, before they slip forever away in a slippery and dangerous pathway.  I will stop them short in my Mercy and will Shine Grace to reveal my Word clear.

See them stumble and watch them fall, those who do lead them afar from My Word.  Watch the false teachers and those who prophecy false things from their heart.  I alone know the depths of their confusion.  I alone can fully see the end of their present course; if they continue in this direction.

I move in pity upon them knowing their end if left alone.  I AM not willing that my people in America be hurt with the hurt that proceeds around the corner.  I move to awaken them.

The false prophets who speak from their heart will fall headlong into their folly for all to see.  I will reveal them.  I AM moving the Sheep from their pastures to green pastures; I will feed them.  

I AM sending new Shepherds over them to guide them from their desperate circumstances to the right way (Light Way)!  The Light of a bright blast will blind them to see only my clear way.  In a moment of time I can change them.  I AM Revelation knowledge.

Expect deep changes.  I will change this land.  I will stop the folly of present day wicked men who lead this land to the precipice of destruction.  I will stop them.  Nothing and no person can stop me.  

I AM that I AM and I will move to stop them.  Watch those wicked men fall like lined up dominoes all stood up and ready.  One by one, they will fall, knocking over the next one until all are fallen before the eyes of all.

I have plans for this land and I AM more than able to bring them forward.  It is not in man’s hands to do this but in My hand.  I will carry forth My plans and none can stop Me.

The evil administration I have allowed to flourish is but a Testing to bring America to this hour of power.  

The reconstruction of my Holy Men is rising to untangle the wayward trend.  I will raise up new men to head this land even though my Kingdom is not earthly, I will set the course of men leading them into my Kingdom coming soon upon them.

I hear the cry of My people crying.  I move now to answer them.  I AM not through with America.  I will yet raise the standard, yes once again.  Revival fires burning, sin burning and falling;  Holiness coming from the ashes.  Watch My marvelous working!

Sick I AM of the sickness of this land; I have allowed it to sicken.  Yet, I knew all along the longing this sickness would spawn in the hearts of my people.  I alone know the way to its end.  I AM the one to do all; it is not in your hands.  

I AM the one who raises up and tears down kings and even mighty men.  I AM in control even though foolish men think not.  I AM behind all moving and working my eternal plan.

Obama never really was your man!  He is My man sent to buffet you and even sift you.  See his hand is My hand to warn you to even reveal the evil ways.  Watch Light Shine now in the darkness of Obama’s Day.  See him for who he is and see his end.  

I move to show you fully your evil ways.  You would not listen, nor would you have my way; I have given you your ways to show you My way.  

Obama is My skinny man walking to open the doors before you.  See as his hand is upon the door of destruction of this great land.  See and clearly see your way to walk now. March forward in this evil day to restore the right way.

Did I not say Obama would be My man to bring down the evil men (the Democratic platform which has taken me out of their plans?)  

Now before your very eyes watch them fall.  Even as I speak they are falling and falling hard for all to see.  I move to reveal the total worthlessness of their plans.  The present way is exposed for all to clearly see.  You tell Me, Is my way now Clear?  Have I not revealed these evil men?

I AM that I AM, can I not do even as I please?  I CAN.  I have chosen to stop Obama now.  I AM moving on the White House to cleanse it.  Not because America is my Kingdom but it is only in my hand.  

My Kingdom is not of this earth and it is coming down.  I plow the ground to receive it.  I AM the King of this Eternal Kingdom.  I will rule with a Mighty hand.

Go forth and Proclaim It!

Prepare for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and will come forth.  Prepare, I say, prepare!  Because Love Light, Lights the Way.  

I AM Holy not evil and My Kingdom will be Holy.  In that day, Holiness will be upon this land and all the Earth.  I AM HOLY!  I AM HOLY!  I AM HOLY!  Sin cannot remain nor its stains.


* * * * * *

As your Prophet, LORD, I have written these Words, which reveal truly they were your Words to America.

I am but one who speaks, your Servant.  Thank you LORD, For YOU ARE TRUE TO ALL YOUR WORDS.

I thank you for all you have done in these days and for the America who still stands.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

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