Time For Convergence and Fusion


In my spirit, I heard the word ‘fusion’ tonight…

I know this is a sign of things coming together much quicker than normal.

This, I believe, relates to the word ‘convergence’ I heard in Mount Airy just before a meeting with Ron McGatlin in March of 2011.

Convergence is the sudden awareness of one’s purpose in connection with others.

Fusion is the sudden coming together of people, time, and events igniting that purpose, as others who are appointed to walk together ‘in it’ awaken too to ‘the moment’ at hand.

In other words, people and events start flying together at what seems like the speed of light.

All those “things” that seemed delayed or held up SUDDENLY appear…  signaling the completion of the time consuming, seemingly delayed foundation – and the sudden impact of ‘visible’ layers of construction upon that foundation.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and THEN all these “things” will be added.


Clay Sikes

Clay SikesClay Sikes  ~ Lighthouse Prophecy.



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