Time for Esther to Arise and Spoil the Enemy!


God showed me this hour, especially in doing the last training, “The Alpha and the Omega” Revelation 1:8, (see link below to order training) that His saints are truly rising up in this hour!

Church, this truly is an hour where we will see Esther (the church) rise up and come forth with favor to the King (the Lord of Righteousness, the Lord of our Salvation) in order that God’s favor will be extended in a time of need and desperation for his people (Israel, the Jews and Christians)!  We are rising up with greater knowledge, wisdom and understanding about the righteousness of Christ Jesus as never before through our fiery trials!

In the midst of these fiery trials as we are being crucified with Christ Jesus, learning obedience through our suffering, we are able to perceive the power of his resurrection!  We are able to perceive even more the glory of Christ Jesus in a measure as revealed in Revelation 1, so that we can tell the message to the Church!  The message is: repent and overcome, repent and overcome, repent and overcome!

In this message, we will see the church grow brighter as she rises, like a light in a time of great darkness!  I do know things are occurring in the land which are of great evil, bringing forth God’s judgment.  In saying that, we the saints will still be protected under the shadow of the living God, as His people Israel were in Egypt!

Yes. there will be some martyrs and I am not ignorant of that, and for those we pray God’s grace, mercy and strength to endure!  We will experience greater persecution, there is no doubt, and for that God’s grace, mercy and strength will cause us to endure!

However, as has been revealed in the Holy of Holies where the curtains hung on the rod, there was another curtain rod hanging across on the other side with 50 loops.

“Fifty loops you shall make on the one curtain and fifty loops on the edge of the last curtain that is in the second coupling or set, so that the loops on one correspond to the loops on the other”  Exodus 26:5.

The fifty loop are to ‘correspond’ to the 50 loops on the other side!  Correspond, means to have a similarity, match or agree almost exactly!  The word in Hebrew for correspond is ‘qabal’ and sounds like ‘qaval.’  It means to correspond, to take, receive, to assume, to receive one to the other, etc.  The Hebrew letters are qoof, bet and lamed. Qoof is the ancient symbol of the back of a head meaning low, behind and to follow. Next, bet is the ancient symbol of a tent meaning house or tent. Finally, lamed is the ancient symbol of a cattle goad meaning tongue, control and authority. Therefore the word picture you have of correspond is ‘that which is to follow in my house to show forth my authority!” do you see this?

This will be another outpouring, another 50, another that is corresponding to the first outpouring of Pentecost! This outpouring will be before the return of the Lord and show forth his glory in the darkest time as revealed in Isaiah 60!

In saying all of that I want to encourage you that God has also shown me as in the time of Esther, in the time of her royalty, we will see the bride arise to set a trap for Haman as he falls within his own trap!  Haman represents the rise of that enemy against God’s people that have oppressed them and desire their death!  However, as with Esther, Haman hung on his on gallows and Mordecai was placed in his position as prince, acquiring the wealth of Haman’s house.  Moreover, other nations and leaders assisted the Jews to fight their enemy and defeat them, stripping the enemy of their wealth and bringing it into the hands of the Jews!

It is no different in this hour for God’s Esther (church) who will shine brightly like a star.  The Church will rise in the righteousness of Christ Jesus and pray and fast to see the destruction of the enemy as with Haman!

Continue to press forward, pray and fast, as well as read the word!  Gather in small groups to continually pray in this hour against the plots and schemes of all terrorist organizations, the plans of the Illuminati with the shadow government and over Ferguson!  Know that our God has the victory if his people will humble themselves, seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (His face) so He will heal our land, extend His scepter of righteousness!






A saint crying out to God for fullness of deliverance and the manifestation of salvation.
~ Robin

Robin Kirby-GattoRobin Kirby-Gatto operates in the prophetic, bringing the testimony of Jesus into the earth through the scripture Revelation 19:10 “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”  Robin walks in God’s Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding and is brought into areas to bring a revelation of God’s Truth, The Word as the Holy Spirit brings forth God’s anointing into her ministry.

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Time for Esther to Arise and Spoil the Enemy! — 1 Comment

  1. God Bless You!
    I do Believe the book of Esther includes all that happens right now,
    The twelve months (the tetrades lunar eclipses, twelve moons that became visible when Israel became a nation)

    The wars with Haman (Hamas) and the preparation of the bride
    which in Esther 2:12 requires 12 months (moons)

    “And in the drawing nigh of the turn of each young woman to come in unto the king Ahasuerus, at the end of there being to her — according to the law of the women — twelve months, for so they fulfil the days of their purifications”