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  1. Giving Birth to a New Creation

    On June 1, 2015, after 12 days in the wilderness, Jesus came to me and said, “Are you ready for a promotion?”  This is what happened after a few hours of waiting.

    I found myself in a familiar place.  It was dark, like a cave, but it was warm, moist, and safe.  I began to feel pressure, so much pressure that my bones ached.  The pressure would come and go.  In the beginning it was about my head and shoulders, and then it moved to my arms and chest.  With each squeeze that compressed my bones came sheer agony.  They continued, and continued, and continued.  Then my legs began to hurt with the same pressure.  Next, I saw a small opening from which came a white light.  I saw myself pass through the opening.  And then I saw myself as a full grown man as I am today, standing on the surface of the earth.  Emanating from my belly was a bright, white light – at least as bright as the sun. 

    It was hard to see the figure of myself, because of the bright light.  Then the Lord spoke.  “You are a new creation.  A new beginning.” As I looked at the new creation the Lord had made from me, things began to settle down.  There was a multitude of people who insisted on giving me silver coins until my hands were full.  Things continued to settle down.  Another hour or so passed.

    Then I went back to the Lord and said, “I thank You for all You’ve done.  But, You promised more.  I want what You promised me.” And I began to wrestle with the Lord.  Then I began to violently wrestle with the Lord.  I was getting angry and upset, because the Lord was holding back what was promised to me.  I knew He could kill me, but I had come to the point that I didn’t care anymore.  Because I wanted what He’d promised me more.  As I violently wrestled with the Lord, I noticed that He took everything that I gave, without responding, and that was hurting my feelings.  So, I wrestled even more violently.

    Just then, the Father and Creator came into our presence.  He said to me before Jesus, “This is My son in whom I am well pleased.” The Father left, and then everything calmed down.  I looked at Jesus and said, “I didn’t know that the Father was going to come and give me His blessing today.  That was completely unexpected.  But Jesus, You are my Friend and my Lord, and I came for Your blessing.  Will You bless me as well?” Jesus answered, “Why?  His is better.” I said, “Thank you.  I understand.” And then I went about my way.

    There are things I’ve had questions about for more than 25 years.  The answers were made clear during this encounter.  I always knew being involved in the Lord’s business carried an extreme weight of seriousness.  Now that weight has multiplied.

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