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  1. Hello✨

    I want more then anything to be as Jesus would in all circumstances .

    I find in trying to stick up for my self ( when let’s say a Ombusdman is not doing what they are asked to do when I seek them for help. Instead they react by personal judgment and not professional ).  I can’t help but to say it to them as I see it . Which is you are not doing your Job as an Ombudsman I seeked you for help ~ and you are gossiping and make it a personal approach rather than a professional one .

    I then feel maybe I shouldn’t have told them that , because they again are not going to help me . And then I find that maybe Jesus didn’t want those words to come out but for me to be kind and sweet, turning my cheek instead of pointing out what they are doing ?

    The evil has taken a lot from me in my life so I now am on the guard to not allow it the best I can . But it also leads me in confusion which is not of the Lord .

    I have prayed about this and have lifted it up to God and currently they are still not helping me and actually trying to harm my situation by payback instead of help me .  So I move In spiritual warefar prayer the best I know how .

    What would you do ? ♥️ Again I’m trying to do what Jesus would do not what my flesh would do and am bothered by this because I want to be able to learn from this situation .

    • Hi Mel. Ask yourself how would Jesus treat a person?  And do that. Offer charity.  Offer kindness.  Offer compassion.  Offer gratitude.  Offer appreciation.  Offer LOVE.  Jesus treats Kings & poor men, criminals & children exactly the same because they are exactly the same.  They are human beings, a creation of God.  A gift of GOD.  Giving love to another will never cause you pain or suffering. Because God IS love.  God bless you.

  2. I had a dream of people repeatedly asking me:
    PERSON 2: “You don’t know about the story of the woman and the peach”
    Then an unknown narrator started telling me the story fluently and I abruptly woke up from my dream

    I have no clue what this means but I searched up bible verses about peaches and clicked on this JUST WANTED TO SHARE

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