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UK: Recalibration and Tower Bridge — 2 Comments

  1. I live in the US.  I heard something last night over and over while I slept.  I remember it was like someone told me — Don’t forget this.  I knew I had to remember when I woke up.

    I heard — London Bridge is Falling Down.  Like that children’s song.

    When I woke up I forgot about it and then someone in my home said something and all of a sudden I remembered.  I saw a vision of a door immediately when I recalled it to mind.

  2. This word is a confirmation to me, because I have for long felt that Tower Bridge is significant as a spiritual gateway into London and so into the rest of the nation.  Who controls a gateway will determine what comes in and what is kept out.  I am reminded of the promise to the descendants of Abraham in Genesis 22:17 and
    ” .. thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies.”
    The “seed” here is singular and the “h” in “his” is capitalised in the Amplified version, so that it speaks of Christ.  If we are in Christ as the spiritual children of Abraham, we can pray with confidence that these gates will be taken by Him.

    Esau is also mentioned here, which I believe also is highly significant, because of the fact he had despised his birthright or (Abrahamic) inheritance [Genesis 25:34], which has also been a besetting sin of people in the UK.  May we instead be like Isaac who re-dug the wells first dug by his father Abraham [Genesis 26: 18], that is to reconnect with our godly heritage!  I believe that, because of this heritage, that is those saints who went before us, that God will raise up here out of the stones children to Abraham [Matthew 3:9].

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