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UK: Watch and Pray, to Avoid The EU’s Trap! — 4 Comments

  1. Because she is junk. Trying to be Tatcher and fails miserably, blaming Kwasi Kwarteng while she drive the bus and unlimited U-turns. She is done. 75% of the voters don’t want her. Bye, Bye Truss !

  2. I have been fervently praying against this since I heard Liz Truss was going to the meeting in Prague…. She apparently hadn’t intended going at all, but her Security Advisors suggested she went.  All her Cabinet Ministers for Defense and Security are Pro-EU, voted Remain, and would like to see us joined to the EU Army in view of the Ukranian war.

    President Macron is trying to lure her to the table with all sorts of promises of co-operation on various issues such as immigration and the NI Protocol.

    I’ve been fervently praying that the Lord would wake her up most sharply to the danger of being involved with this EU Army … and as I was just praying right now, I unexpectedly saw the Lord Himself blowing a shofar loudly, right up close in her face, so close that her hair was blown about as if in a gale.  Her eyes were closed. … She’s being called to battle, but she needs to wake up.

    Please pray urgently that she’ll WAKE UP quickly to the danger of being drawn into the European Political Community and its EU Army. (I pray for wiser advisors for her too, when it comes to the EU.)

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