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Unexpected Surprises in a Pivotal Time — 33 Comments

  1. Sandi,
    LOVE this Word! So glad you shared its encouragement. It confirms some of what I received 12/18 & wrote in my notebook:

    12/18/23, Monday:
    The LORD gave me a strong impression the next 6-7 weeks (Dec 18 to Jan 29 or Feb 5) are going to be filled with lots of unexpected surprises!  HALLELUJAH!!!

    I was so excited to see it tonight. God is so AWESOME to us! Thank you for sitting at His feet waiting, listening & sharing. Ever FAITHFUL, ever TRUE. You are His BELOVED.


  2. Dear Sandi thank you for your beautiful heart towards the Lord for us.  Yes this word is confirming what the Lord is doing with His beautiful bride right now.  He is soooo faithful and He truly is teaching me to trust in Him even though it feels like it is taking long but yes He is always on time and has never lost a battle.  Glory to Him and much love to you and your loved ones.

    • Dear MF. Thank you for your kind words. It is my highest desire to carry words from the Lord’s heart and so happy that it confirms to you as well. I appreciate your input letting me know what spoke to you. To God be the Glory. May you have a blessed Christmas as we honor Jesus! Love to you and yours, Sandi

    • You are so welcome BH. Our God is a good God and always wants the best for us. I receive your blessing and send you a wonderful blessing as we celebrate our Savior and Lord. Sandi Holman

    • Thanks Chris for your input. It is surely for this time as you often say even though the Lord gave it a bit ahead of time. Blessings and All the best to you and Linda as we celebrate our Saviour! Sandi

  3. Sandi, I am so encouraged by this Word and am so very grateful that you are a willing vessel to share it with us!

    Yesterday was such a bleak day and I just felt like crying all the time. I was in such a low place despite my prayers. Family struggles with so much pain, broken relationships and health issues as well as nightmares. Issues in our small business. Breakdowns. Doubling insurance costs. Taxes. Drought. Crushing government regulations. Injustice in our country and across the world. War. Friends with advanced cancer and other serious illness. It just felt so overwhelming and I couldn’t handle my emotions. It was paralyzing and I felt like I was letting God down.

    Thank you, Father, for your words of reassurance and promise of refreshment, cleansing, healing, deliverance from feelings and negative thoughts, clarity that will free us from our emotions and confusion. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Father! And thank you, Sandi!

    • Wow, Denise, your response brought tears to my eyes and I know why the Lord had me repost this. It is so very timely for now. There have been so many bleak days as you so well described what I was feeling when the Lord said Several people need this today! When I read this: “Family struggles with so much pain, broken relationships and health issues as well as nightmares. Issues in our small business. Breakdowns. Doubling insurance costs. Taxes”, it just leaped off the page because I have had so many people send prayer requests specifically for these things and I have battled a few. I am so very happy that the Lord got my attention to post it. May God richly bless you as you move forward into Breakthrough and healing and restoration. In His love and grace, Sandi Holman

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