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  1. Amen the Holy spirit fell on myself on Sunday at church and I believe this is going to be repeated every Sunday,praise God

  2. Greetings brother Chris Bennett,
    Thank you for being obedience to The Spirit for this now WORD.
    A sure confirmation!
    I had two dreams in which I was “beholding His Glory” unfolding in unusual frequency as I was led to minister into the life of an individual who did not want to accept anything to do with God. In the dream, I refused to move even though I was mocked for speaking about what God wanted me to release to the individual.Standing still and waiting on The Lord, the frequency of God’s Glory was changing the atmosphere and I was witnessing transformation taking place on the individual. Awesome instant transformation. Still is in awe of what I witnessed brother Bennett.
    About four months ago, we were on an outreach mission trip. During prayer, the weight of the Glory was so intensed,it felt like fire deep in my bones and yes we are not able to cope when it first happens. Again, a month ago the same happened and this time I was called to pray for some individuals as The Spirit led. The Holy Spirit took over the meeting and God’s Glory was at work. Awesome, awesome deliverance and Power of God was seen.
    Beholding His Glory!
    All Glory and Praise to our God!
    I humbly ask, if it is possible, would like to chat directly.You can email if it is possible then I will reply.
    Thank you brother Bennett.

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