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  1. The slander I have been through a whole year has been so devastating, I surrender I am just going to retreat from my church I have to go, it hasn’t stopped and has increased I have to keep my peace and stay alive stay away.
    I am not in a corner but on top of the cornerstone.
    I will retreat to His presence and find a church that gives me the real love of Jesus.

  2. After spending time with a friend that dabbled in reading the stars and such, I was cencerely disturbed by the reading of her inturpatation about myself as lined up in the season and stars according to her. It was negative, and disturbing, but I felt fear. I am a Christian and I know to reject this stuff, yet it hung over me like a dark cloud. I prayed God help me. Today was the first time on your web sight, I love the word “I am not done”. What a breath of God’s grace to my soul. Thank you for the truth, how God is not a God of confusion,disappointment, and negative words towards his children. Thank you for the beautiful encouraging words of the Lord.

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