Urgent Now Word for the UK


An urgent Now Word for the United Kingdom:

“The election of Theresa May will mark the beginning of a mighty manifestation of a great harvest in this nation, for the winds of restoration, revival and reformation are now blowing across the land!”

Like many of you, I have been praying and interceding over the nation and over the affairs in our government, but today for the first time in a few weeks I saw and felt a tangible spiritual shift taking place over the nation.

I saw in the spirit realm the prayers of the saints being set before the king like incense.  I saw many hands lifted high toward heaven, then I heard these words,  “The election of Theresa May will mark the beginning of a mighty manifestation of a great harvest in this nation, for the winds of restoration, revival and reformation are now blowing across the land!”

Begin to Decree;  “A harvest shift is now taking place over this great nation…!”

As I remained in prayer, the Holy Spirit quickened to me a Word I posted last year around this same time.  Please see and read the submission below.  I believe this word is now beginning to come to pass in our nation.

Note:   I found it poignant that the breakthrough in prayer came today being 7 June 2017, as we know the number (7) represents, completion, perfection, prosperity, rest, taking procession of, God’s will made manifest, walls of Jericho came down and entering into God’s heavenly atmosphere.

Furthermore, today it is exactly ’10 months and 25 days’ ago since Theresa May was officially elected as British Prime Minister.  (Joshua 10:25 says, “Fear not, nor be dismayed, be strong and of good courage..! )

A Word from 2016..!

“I see battle lines drawn in the spirit, and I hear the Spirit say, “Warriors, be still and fear not, for the Spirit of might and power has been poured out over you.

My Spirit of wisdom gives you divine strategy and solution over every onslaught of the enemy.  Nothing shall take you by surprise.

I have sharpened you to difficulty.  I have shaped and fashioned you for war.  Beloved, watch for I have made you to be fruitful even on the front lines of battle,”  says God.

“Listen, in this hour heaven heralds the rising of new hope and unprecedented harvest.  Therefore rejoice, for even as I make known to you my divine purpose and intention for this nation, so shall I send divine intervention causing you to over come in greater victory and kingdom increase.

For this is the season of greater empowerment and deeper encounter,”  says God.”

Watch!  For the harvest fields are now ready!

This morning in my prayer time, I had a vision where I was shown what looked like a large field of corn, the harvest looked ready.

As I looked upon the field I could see what appeared to be warring angels standing in the field, as I looked at them, each angel was perfectly and strategically positioned.  Some faced the east, some faced the west, some faced the south and the north.

Suddenly I saw what appeared to be a black cloud on the horizon.  It moved swiftly across the skies towards the field of corn.  As I watched, suddenly hundreds upon hundreds of large black birds descended upon the field.

As they got closer, a mighty wind began to blow upon the field of corn.  I watched as the mighty wind moved upon the warring angels causing them to run towards the black cloud.

I watched in amazement as the large black birds began to shriek in terror.  I listened as they shrieked and screamed, and then I watched as they fled, many fleeing in different directions, each black bird disappearing from sight.

My interpretation:  The harvest fields are ready.

I submit, satan has assigned his demonic cohorts to the fields that are ready for harvest.  There is battle raging over the United Kingdom in this hour for the eternal harvest.

But I see angelic warriors, (caretakers of the harvest) standing in the harvest fields, each one is strategically positioned by God.  They will only move and advance at the sound of His word and the Power of His Spirit Wind.

They are mighty in strength and mighty in power.  There is no weapon formed against the harvest fields that shall prosper, satan’s plans shall not succeed.  Satan cannot, not touch the harvest fields of God.  Indeed he may try.

But I Decree:   In this hour, heaven is heralding the rising of new hope, new life and unprecedented harvest over this nation.

Watch and listen for a new sound and a new song now comes forth!

Prophetically I hear the sound of new harvest songs.  I see new songs being written about the heavenly harvest, songs that have never been sung before.  These are songs that shall call forth the harvest that is now ready.

Post Script:

Please do not put your faith in my words, but take hold of God’s word and stand firm.

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things?  If God is for us, who can stand against us?”   Romans 8:31.

I believe many are feeling the heavy weight of spiritual warfare in this season.  Many are experiencing a great spiritual shake up.

It is so important to remember that in the midst of it all, God is in control and He fights for us!  Even as we feel the battle raging, which is unseen by the natural eye, God is sharpening our spiritual eyes that we may see beyond and shift even higher.

Listen!  There is supernatural strength and power that has been made available to the sons and daughters of God.  I see mighty angels on assignment sent to assist and align many for breakthrough in this hour.

Today lets make a choice to fully trust in the LORD.  Rely totally on His power, wisdom and strength to equip, lead and guide us into victory.

Let us trust that he battles for us in this hour.  We have the victory.

By the way….  Amazingly, the meaning of “Theresa” can be derived from Greek θερος (Theros) “Summer”, and from Greek θεριζω (Therizo) “To harvest”!

I believe God is in every detail.  His eyes are are firmly fixed upon this nation.  His promises are ‘yes and amen’.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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