Do You Hear Your Name Being Called? — 6 Comments

  1. This morning at about 6:45 I woke up to a loud audible male voice that said my name very gentle yet stern. I woke up and the first thing that popped in my head was “what is it” of all the things that I could of said I was like “what” lol my biological father would have told me, “don’t tell me what, say I’m Coming” lol…I then realized that the day prior I was nudged to pray over my sister, and after I prayed and dropped her off home, I was alone in the car being nudged to continue to pray when all of a sudden this consuming feeling to scream out the name of Jesus and save her Jesus, literally like a bat-sh** crazy person and after that episode I was like what on earth just happen, I was kinda just shocked and meditated on the moment on my drive home….maybe GOD heard me and responded with my name?

  2. Hear lately I have been having sleepless nights like to night and I’m not inderstanding why. Last week I heard my name and I woke up with a smile. what does this mean?

  3. About 6 weeks ago, I was waking up from a deep sleep from my recliner, and I heard so clearly a gentle voice call me by my childhood name “Cindy”….I do remember responding bc I said “I’m here”…I was in awe how clearly I had heard it….iI did not understand why I heard that, but my thoughts were that it was the Lord calling me.
    I have been praying & reading my bible daily and speaking in tongues every opportunity …I am a believer that if we stay close to God, then we will hear His voice…I heard the same voice again about 2 weeks ago, and this time He gave me instruction that I’m still trying to figure out.

  4. Yesterday evening I was coming from the community meeting, when I got to our apartment I knocked while waiting for my husband to open I heard a voice calling me, but in whispering voice, then I looked n didn’t see anything but the voiced repeated twice again and it looked like it’s from across the street in the community park but when I looked nobody was de. I got scared n rushed inside. My worries is I’ve been seeking God earnestly this days asking him to teach me his ways and also to answer my prayers.

    I hope this voice’s won’t confuse me but will help understand him more

    Thank you

  5. Hi there. My husband is a relatively new believer just recently baptised praise God. Today he heard his name being called out 2 times. He heard Paul Paul. And then again Paul Paul. He looked both times to see if it was me having a female voice. It wasnt. How can i say that was Gods voice being it was a womans voice? Thanks so much Laura

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