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Vietnam: A Country in Crisis — 5 Comments

  1. Prayers, intercessions and pleading the blood of Jesus over this heartbreaking situation! Please forgive me for being so long reading this. We must do all we can do in this hour whatever our little part is! Thank God for the volunteers!

  2. It is said that the current PCR test cannot differentiate between SARS-CoV-2 and the so-called Delta Variant.  If the policy of vaccination is claimed to be provide immunity against SARS-CoV-2, but actually fails to do so, then the official response will be to attribute its ineffectiveness to another variant.  Medical experts, namely, specifically those whose voices are being suppressed by the mainstream media and the Silicon Valley, have been saying that these new vaccines are not only ineffective but dangerous.  It is also anticipated that vaccine injuries will by attributed to a new “Delta” variant, and that this will be the pretext for further vaccination, which has been the agenda all along.

    I am not claiming that vaccine injury is necessarily the cause of the problem in Vietnam, but that caution ought to be advised when asserting or re-asserting causes.  [A too severe quarantine can also create problems by preventing people from developing the ordinary immunity that is obtained from everyday contact, which provides a protection against a range of illnesses, any of which could now easily be labelled covid. It is also highly suspicious that Christians in particular are being blamed for the spreading of a new variant.] We should pray for Vietnam, but also ask for greater understanding to inform our prayers.

  3. Father, your name is above all other name. Nothing takes you by surprise Abba Father. Forgive us our sins & stretch forth your mighty healing hands over VIETNAM & the whole world because you are the GREAT PHYSICIAN. NOTHING IS BEYOND YOU LORD! Thank you Jesus!

  4. Well if they would open their eyes for a minute and see how India solved this problem instead of letting big pharma dull their senses they would then have this problem rapidly and cheaply solved. It is called Ivermectim.

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