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  1. I’m with the tall guy in the glasses. I want the baptism of the Holy Spirit and evidenced with speaking in tongues.
    It is late in my life and I have waited a long time for this to happen for me. I hope it will happen now.

    • The word of God says, “Open wide your mouth and God will fill it”. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill your mouth with the sounds like a baby attmepting to speak, then a complete flow of ease and a heavenly lanuguare that makes no sense to the mind, but overwhelms the heart, flowing out of the Spirit. Go ahead, open your mouth and begin just as I said. Simple faith, like a child, no embarassment.

  2. Thank you Mary! The First Nations story is complicated yet their restoration work has been copied within the USA Reservation systems too of unearthing and revealing the sins of the governement against them.  The Father has confirmed to me and others that there will be a 2 Samuel 21 moment for them in restoration of all that has been stolen which also occured with the Gibeonites. Death under Saul and recompense under David as he inquired of the Lord during a 3 year famine.

    Our prayer is to loose them into their full inheritance in the Father that their hearts and ours would be knit together as one in Jesus. The original treaties were made in good faith of friendship and sharing and our ancestors broke and betrayed their covenants for generations. Same in the USA.

  3. I think it is sort of interesting that I believe out of the state shaped like Gods right hand will come a mighty move of God not
    Less then 60 miles from Canada I have been waiting on it for 38 years waiting is over and all is about to begin. In fact like a wind before a storm the signs are everywhere. Many years ago I seen it as a atomic bomb of Gods glory going off less then 60 miles from Detroit. I guess we are all about to see. I heard everyone will know. Are you all everyone?

  4. And the Lord spoke to me when I read the part about the man in the dream in the grey shirt standing and speaking in tongues, “And it has only just begun for My People are so hungry for truth and so ready to receive My Presence.”
    More to come, Mary, much more as many doors are opening. Love and blessings, Sandi

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