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Undefeated, Mighty Conqueror — 5 Comments

  1. Teacher,
    Thank U for yr Great Faithfulness in D LORD’s… I’ve Been Greatly Blesses Many A Times from Receiving “Shall I says -Letter from GOD’D Father’s”…. I don’t know how else to Describes… Becoz it’s just like GOD is there Operating in his ThroneRoom & there U R as his “Personal Secretary”..& GOD says “Write .. & there U R Writing every Dictations.. & After GOD clears it.. U Delivers it for him.. D Letters from GOD speaks to D Heart & Souls for D one Awaitings Upon D LORD’s.. Many A Times.. it’s a Confirmation in @Spirits..
    Thank U Teacher..
    Greatly Appreciates yr Heart-In-Lord… MAY U & ALL Loves Ones B Greatly Blesses Of D LORD’s in ALL INCOMINGs OUTGOINGs…24/7.. MAY GOD Unlimited’s HOLY Mountains of Blessings Provisions Protections HEALINGs Grace’s & His Unlimited’s Anointings from his Reservoirs of Oceans of his Holy Oils, Livings Waters HolyFires.. His Loves Surrounds Anoits Protects Provisions U All (& Also for All other Teachers) Now’s & ForeverMores…. In Jesus MIGHTy NAMEs….Amen

    Under His Mercy, Ag
    (Here in Singapore)
    Will Stand & Travails

  2. Thank you lord that you have made me a mighty warrior and a child of the most High.  I bless your name for protection security peace and well being.  Thank you that you have put a wall of fire around me and my family.  My land of dominion will not be interfered with. Glory to God

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