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Wait Expectantly With Anticipation! — 4 Comments

  1. My God! You always have a Word in Due Season! This is soooo GOD! Expect like a Pregnant Woman to Receive! Thank You my Sister

  2. Beautiful words spoken, fill me with his ever increasing love. Thank you for sharing as I wait in Great Expectation and Anticipation for the Blessing yet to come upon me. Wow, it keeps getting better and better, everytime, the Father speaks through you, Deborah Waldon Fry, I’m so happy, over joyed, knowing it is on it’s way for me. Glory, to the Lamb of God !!!

  3. Wonderful holy words of God. I am comforted and I will stand strong. PAUL suffered through cold and heat, through hunger and thirst, through much oppression and hate, though he loved. JEREMIAH was naked before them. JESUS CHRIST died for them and for us. When I think about our forefathers…and mothers… it is obvious and clear, that in the last days the battle is even harder. Thank you for standing as ONE in SPIRIT with me and all the other believers. Your work is needed and treasured. I had a long and good sleep. Thanks be to God, and to my brothers and sisters.

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