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WAKE UP, Church! Stop Satan, Covid And the Vaccine Tyranny — 5 Comments

  1. You are totally 1,000% right about rejecting the vaccine (are any Christians still accepting it? I can’t imagine so). And you also accurately prophesied the vaccine process would be eventually used in relation to the Mark of the Beast. You said you prophesied that a year ago. Brother, it is an all too common bad practice (most common to charlatans) for someone to claim to have made an accurate prophetic declaration “X” number of months, years or decades ago without providing a link or other documentation for the reader to verify such claims. So as a courtesy I have done the research and provide the link here on your behalf for the convenience of the reader: https://www.hiskingdomprophecy.com/avoid-vaccines-value-the-precious-blood-of-christ/
    Public Service Warning: Sadly, I have researched public claims by other prophetic voices only to find they were not accurate. I recommend always researching such claims. Authentic voices will always provide a link, when they don’t make it easy to verify such claims I recommend ignoring such claims completely.

  2. We the people need to stand together collectively but the church and all it’s ministers also need to come together globally and not be frightened to speak out these vaccine mandates are no more that mass murder and it needs to be stopped in its entirety NOW
    in my 56 years here on this lovely planet of ours i have never experienced as much greed and selfishness as there is at present
    Please come back Jesus we need you now more than ever

  3. The Tyranny the church never saw coming..for sure~ Great word, dear Jacob. Thanks for sharing and standing on your watch. Blessings, Sandi

  4. I did work as a nurse more than 20 years in different areas. During the years I saw much hidden evil and almost One patient that was healed.
    In 2016 the Lord called me out from it with the understanding that a “judgment” should come upon those in the medical area who had forced or deceived (you must take it because the doctor say you need it) people to take ” medicine” even through the patient said
    They du not feel well (or even died)from it.

    2020 I was astonished how soon afterwards this judgment took place, because now we hear that the medical staff who have lived om others sickness are forced to take the medicine “because the doctor say you must”.

    Since I left I’ve prayed that God shall pull out His People from that area and now we är then coming out, one by one,refusing to take part of the present mass murder!

    Sourcery in greek is “pharmacia” and God’s Word says that the one who practice that will not enter His Kingdom.
    =You cannot make your living through others sickness!

    In Christ, maria

  5. There has been a major deception concerning the covid “pandemic”, and it seems that Christians have been as deceived as much as anyone. I agree by repeating your decree, “WAKE UP, Church! Stop Satan, Covid And the Vaccine Tyranny!”

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