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Crucial Choices Are Approaching in These Last Days — 2 Comments

  1. “Humble yourself and I will guide you and you and shower you with Grace”.

    Amen! That is the correct order of the true doctrine, because the Father(who many believers seems to have forgotten)
    requires that you die from yourself and your own “conclusions” and beliefe system BEFORE He’ll guide
    you on His Way and THEN when you are walking in that Way THEN He Will shower you with Grace!

    What is “His Way” then? It is to only speak and do what the Father teaches you.

    “By His(the Father’s) doing you are in Christ Jesus”
    = only by doing what the Father teaches
    you,you will be in the same anointing as Jesus.

  2. I do not believe there is a choice between Jesus and right doctrine. The doctrine of the Pharisees, however, was another matter.  There is a primary level of doctrine which is inseparable from the faith through we are saved.

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