Walk My Walk, Together!


A Prophetic Word which I received early January 17, 2013.  In this Word I heard the Lord clearly speaking about the importance of FOLLOWING THE LEADER.

Do you not see and surely you can understand the Team that plays to win, will win, when they PLAY TOGETHER.  Teamwork is the Key.  See it in my early church in Acts, read of them and how they act.  Watch as they combined their skills placing all upon the altar together; they moved and even gave.  Yes, they gave of time and things, talents and possessions, taking care of one another and helping those who were in need.  They moved and worked together.

Today we have so many parts it truly is in part; part here, part there, but moving together, NO!  There is no together; it is all about the part.  My Part, Your Part, and Their Part.  Well what I ask you now, Where is MY PART?

I  Am the Center, I am the Stone of the Corner; can you not see me the central figure of your future success?  Come around me and give yourselves, each of you working with me to accomplish all the needs.  I must be the center, no not your earthly works.  Man made kingdoms around your plan is not me.

Come to me and walk with me together.  Stop your Private Walk.  Stop your building of your own Church and build my walls together. 

My house is in bad shape, the walls are fallen down.  The enemy has free reign to destroy.  There are few men truly working together because they walk alone, yes desiring to be the leader.  I am the Leader; am I not to be the head?  You must follow the Leader.  I AM THE LEADER.

I want to say, I am the Way, walk in it.  But you must stop your foolish walk and WALK MY WALK TOGETHER.  You must be told each step to take and you must each know the Way.  No, Not your way or even your understanding, but you must only do my words given.  I will guide your every step, Together.  You will march all in a row, IN STEP.

An Army practices unison; they march and march making sure they call their steps together.  Hear the calling out of cadence from one leader each man follows his leader.  Remember your military training.  Think back!  Did your Company learn to march together?  Remember the Cadence Call:

Your Right, Your Right, Your Left, Right, Left…..  Step, Step, one, two, three, Four… step, step.  

Sound off… one, two, three, four, Shout!  

Your in the Army Now, Your not behind the plow, the da da de da, the da da de da…  Your in the Army now!

Remember you had a leader?  Remember all was about his call?  If you (one) missed a step, all would fail the marching test!  You must follow me even as your instructor.  I WILL MAKE THE CALLS.

The reason men learn to march in the Army is to teach them the importance of marching together.  When all take the same step, unity prevails.  They can then walk together.

The reason the Church does not stand tall is each man marches at his own call.

Prophet Ken Dewey photo

Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.


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