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Warning of Another 9/11 Scale Attack — 1 Comment

  1. We are PERISHING for lack of Knowledge!  What are we doing World?!

    Do people not know the reality of the spiritual darkness? It is MEN who are summoning these things. It is witchcraft to control others mind!

    America will be found Guilty of Innocent Blood!

    Tell me. And listen to my words carefully. We are in the times of Babylon! Baal worship and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? Colorado is one of the Pagan Federal Stations in all the world! People see but not really perceive.

    But how are we allowing so much of this in our land and homes? Pagan High Shriners and Free Masson luciferians?

    It is Us! We people who justify their actions in the Church.

    PAGANS! how i wish we could take Back our inheritance from Jezebel. Men who served this country in Honor later to become men of Dishonor by joining and accepting initiations into these Cults.

    Illuminati is real. 1947 Paperclip? And all that follows.

    WITCHCRAFT is Witchcraft!  Whether remotely done by manipulation or done openly as they do!

    They want a new World Orde then how many babies have they had to sacrifice?

    WE HAVE POWER AND AUTHORITY OVER ALL THINGS. It will not matter the Ranks and Medals or Position. Rothechild or not!

    That eternal Judgment it will be piles huge of Money jets tanks. Burning piled next to them reaching to the Sky…they will look down? And even their suits will be gone.

    The fire and indignation of the Lord Burns upon them! For he who rejects the Son is already condemned!  For they chose a sin unto death. No more sacrifice remains.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Alpha Omega the I am be Glorified in everything

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