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Warning: Signs in the Sky, Sun, Moon & Stars — 3 Comments

  1. Prophet Timothy Dixon just posted a purple sun prophecy on Rumble, double witness.  I am glad to have a bit of warning about these things as they are sure to be frightening.

  2. Yes Elizabeth, these celestial bodies have been in peoples visions and dreams.
    In 2008, I saw the moon huge so close to the earth. Then another “planet” which was glowing red, that looked like a burning log on a fire when you turn it over, well that collided into the moon. I got the word Titan for some reason ??
    Have seen the sun and planets all in a straight line lining up (as if I was viewing this from an above perspective in space)

    So much has been hidden by their tech, but the 3DOD could probably be the sun going behind something so close and large to the earth, that we have no light from anything in the skies for that amount of time. Of course if it is so close then the end is very near.
    God bless

    • I’ve had a very simular dream!, with planets aligning and fire coming upon the earth and spreading up the continents.
      Also one of Jupiter’s moons is called Titan.

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