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Warnings and Prophetic Advice — The End Has Now Begun! — 8 Comments

  1. I have known, because of a Word given by the Father, to my prayer partner and myself, thatwe were in the last days, but didn’t realize that the time would be so short!  We must prepare ourselves as never before, in the WORD!

  2. Thank you Angus and Jill for posting this word.  As one poster asked can we get clarification the meaning of Campaign.

    Blessings, Tanya

    • Dear Tanya,

      As the author says in a comment below:

      Sorry for my English translation !
      For compaign, I wanted to say :
      “rural, peasant !”


      PS.  Due to its length, this text is based machine translation :)

  3. It means the rural area or countryside in French. May the will of Our Father be done in His children in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to the glory of His holy name.

  4. Amen! Glory to God!
    This is a confirmation to me and increase my faith in the Lord.
    2015 i was told to start taking holy communion daily. 2017 they tried police to drag me to psychiatric but God prevented this i believe i was not ready for crushing of that intensity yet.
    October 2019 family members i have not seen for two years came to disturb me in my set apart time ( i knew what they were up to) when i refused to open they broke in my house after telling them i am not receiving visitors this day, three police men dragged me out of my house by force to a psychiatric hospital. They found me on the phone with a siste in Christ they refused to talk to her. The victory is they took me there no phone, no bible allowed, forcefully held me for the nurse to inject me. After spending 7 days of the intended 4 weeks stay i was fleed. During the time there a young man came there preached and said ” may be you are here you are wondering why God allowed you to come here? God is saying ” its good grapes that are crushed to bring juice.”. this unknown young man i was given his name and his message in the spirit before he came. And he even testify what i was told about him was true,
    More to share but THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGHT! EVERYDAY I WAKE WITH UNSPEAKABLE JOY, AND THE LOVE OF GOD IS JUST SO OVERWHELMING, Easy yoke, light burden. They have blocked me from all since 2017 and my newly build health clinic is their central focus, ail is taken from me the car, except house saved rented now but i feel more rich then those who have material wealth because i learned to know The one who promised me and send me on this journey is Faithfull ,He will hasten it its time.
    Ii was told: keep through till the end. And look at this as someone by an ATM you have put in your card as await money to come the robbers come put your skirt up, if you take your hands to your skirt the money and the card will be taken by the robbers but if you ignore the skirt and focus on the awaited money you will get your awaited money and your card back. Thank You Lord! Glory To God!

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