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Prophetic Dream Warnings for America & Europe — 2 Comments

  1. On another note – I had a vision 2 days ago of a huge bowl with a figure rhythmically stirring it with a large spoon. I knew it was Iran.
    I felt last night that someone is toying with the idea of setting off a nuclear weapon. But it is a third party influencing things Russia will think it is the west or Ukraine and vice versa. intelligence is false that is being provided to all sides – hence the spider web.
    There are some reports I then became aware of that suggest putin is going to do a drill for nuclear evacuation purposes. Also there are reports of hezbollah fighters going into Ukraine (denied by iran/russia) to help putin. I wonder what Iran has on Russia and the west to be likely given a generous nuclear deal. Things to pray over

  2. Hi,
    You have helped interpret a vision I had yesterday evening. In my vision I could see a spider spinning a Web.
    I felt like the web was representative of all the enemy’s strategies and how they not only link up in the grand scheme of things but that the deceptions back themselves up with more deceptions.
    Amen God’s people can be set free!

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