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Warring With Your Prophecy — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you I have been waiting 4 years for my promise and like the sequoia I don’t see much of anything but thank you for encouraging me and renewing my faith.

  2. This is confirmation! Thank you, it moved my heart to seek the Lord in a special way.

    This is irrelevant, but some thought of what the Lord has being telling me, kinda random, but the I hear the enemy speaking about Numbers, not the Bible book but numbers referring to money, which in this world equals greed, murder, avarice. But the Lord has said, do not listen about the numbers, for I am eternal, I have no quantitative number, for I am eternal, I never die. Not that Jesus didn’t die, and resurrected but he is referring to his eternal nature.

    Don’t let the enemy fool you with focusing on Numbers (#) but focus on letters, the Letters of my word.

    I saw a vision too, the Lord showed me.
    I saw the Bible flash page by page before my eyes, but he placed my hand on the Black letters of the word Jesus as on the King James Bible, and as the bible flashed from Genesis, through Revelations, the Finger stayed on the Word Jesus. As the sequence of the pages wen’t on the whole time, I saw what appeared to be a Nuclear explosion go on about around me, but the Words didn’t fade, and the name Jesus never faded, and neither did I even though in the vision the Explosion engulfed me.

    He said, did I not tell you I would not lose even one of these little ones?

    Just as I washed my Son die on the Cross and suffer? so I am with you, for I love you dearly, and my Grace is sufficient.

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