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Warriors: Press In to Complete Victory — 1 Comment

  1. Beautiful are your word Abba, I know that I know you are with me, though my enemy is fighting me, with all his accusations, he is a liar, will not prevail against me, for you and I are mighty in battle, for we a a warrior king set out to destroy the works of darkness, to expose them, to cast them out by the sword the word of God within our mouths, and they shall flee and all be scattered by the rough winds, by fire, and we shall see them no more.
    I’m pressing in, pressing in, knowing thou are with me. I am rejoicing as I swing my sword against all enemies of my soul, and declare and decree
    Victory, Victory, is mine in jesus name Amen, Thank you Abba, for your words of truth, for sharing to me. I love you with all my heart and soul.

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