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  1. Father in Jesus Name – silence the “trolls of trauma” NOW! Return to “sender” every false vision/s that pervert, contort, distort who You are Lord and what You Lord have pre-destined for Your people. Thank YOU Lord that YOU’RE Sovereign over all the earth! Knowing the end from the beginning – Victory is Yours – therefore is ours – in Jesus Name.

  2. The LORD asked me to release a vision I had this morning, but to not give the interpretation, because The Holy Spirit will reveal it to the ones who are reading it.
    He also asked me to release Words that He had given me.

    A couple of weeks ago The LORD told me, ‘The eunuchs are in place’!
    Then weeks later He told me, ‘The dog’s are in place’!
    Then the day before yesterday The LORD said, ‘ I Am going to awaken the dogs!’

    He showed me a man that I have seen in my Dreams before and he is the Alpha Dog

    The LORD is also telling me over and over for days now. ‘The hands that rock the cradle will be cut off’.

    He also gave me the Word, ‘Smoke on the water, fire in the sky’!

    The dream will be in the net post because of space.

    Now the vision: I saw the man of my dream behind an enormous desk. These were rwo likes of people before the desk, left and right. The man was giving out orders and the lines of people went out to accomplish them.They were silent, faces like flint, unmovable and very determind.
    Then I saw the man put a standard with a golden banner on his desk.
    Ten a little Child walked in. A male Child, little, but of gold.
    It only looked at the man. The man said, ‘Come here, sit wth me, Just wait a little longer. First things first’.

    Later I heard in the Spirit ‘Gag order’ and ‘Under the radar’¡

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